Request For Proposal

Request For Proposal


To whom it may concerned,                        Date: 18 November, 2016


Pursuant to the relevant Purchase Agreements with the Boeing Company,Xiamen Airlines (MF) will take delivery of 31 aircrafts. You are invited to submit a financing proposal for the above aircrafts. The conditions are set out below for your reference:


(27) B737-800 and (4) B787-9

The aircrafts information is set out in Appendix 1.


Operating Lease with PAA denominated in USD or RMB,

Commercial Loan, Financing Lease or other structure denominated in RMB only.  


Including but not limited to: Commercial Loan, Financial Lease Operating Lease with PAA and/or Tax Lease, etc.


B787 Financing Lease and Commercial Loan: 10~12 years

B737-800 Operating Lease:8~12 years

Facility Amount

Operating Lease with PAA:100%,

Commercial Loan, Financing Lease and other structure: not less than 90%.


The delivery date of each Aircraft.


Technical terms and conditions is set out in Appendix 2.

Please be advised that your proposal should be delivered as per request below:


Please submit your proposal to no later than 12:00 a.m. (Beijing Time) November 29,2016.


The proposal should include:

(1) the copy of business license,

(2) 2015 audited financial statements,

(3) Intended delivery slots,

(4) Commercial, legal and technical terms.


The proposal should be a committed and binding offer.

The proposal remains valid for at least 90 days since 29 Nov 2016.


Commercial Loan:  Mr.Chen Zhang   Tel:86-592-5739908

Financing Lease:   Ms.Dai Xiyu      Tel: 86-592-5739917

Operating Lease:   Ms.Chen Yujing   Tel: 86-592-5739917

MF will evaluate your proposal carefully and will invite the competitive bidders into the second round.

Thanks for your kindly attention and look forward to working with you.


Best regards,

Xiamen Airlines


Appendix 1: Aircraft Information

1.Delivery schedule & Price


Delivery Slots

Estimated Purchase Price


2017: May(1),Jun(4),Jul(4), Aug(3),


2018: Jan(4),Feb(3) of 2018

USD 50-53 million

per aircraft


2017: Apr(1),Sep(1)

2018: Jan(1),Mar(1)

USD 155 million

per aircraft

Note: This RFP contains 5 B737-800 purchased by Hebei Airlines (May,June,

July and Sept 2017 & Jan 2018) and 2 B737-800 transferred by Xiamen Airlines to Jiangxi Air Company Ltd. (Oct, Dec 2017).

Xiamen Airlines is the parent company of Hebei Airlines and Jiangxi Air Company Ltd. and would like to provide a guarantee for their financing transactions if needed.

2.Aircraft Description




Engine Model



Engine Thrust





30FC 257EC


171,500 pounds

560,000 pounds

Note: The configuration of the above aircrafts are subject to further confirmation

and adjustment of MF.


Appendix 2: S&LB Technical terms and conditions

1.                  INTERPRETATION

1.1              Definitions

APU Performance Restoration means off-wing APU shop visits including disassembly, inspection, repair, reassembly and testing of the relevant APU, accomplished in accordance with the APU Manufacturer’s Manual.

Hard Time Component means any Part or component, other than an Engine Life Limited Part or a Landing Gear Life Limited Part, that has a predetermined time limit or interval in accordance with the MPD which requires such Part or component to be overhauled or recertified upon reaching such time limit or interval.

Landing Gear means the installed main and nose landing gear pursuant to the then-current MPD.

Landing Gear Overhaul means the overhaul of any Landing Gear in accordance with the manufacturer's overhaul manual, at the time prescribed by the MPD.

Life Limited Part or LLP means any Part with a pre-determined life limit as mandated by theMPD, which requires any such Part to be discarded upon reaching such life limit. All such Parts shall have full back to birth documents supported by their birth documents, each removal records and histories with traceability and last repair releases which shall have EASA Form 1 or FAA 8130-3 certification.

Maintenance Planning Document or MPD means the latest revision of the Maintenance Planning Document or Maintenance Planning Data document published by the Manufacturer.

Manufacturer means The Boeing Company.

OC/CM Parts means the on condition and condition monitored parts, which are listed in (a) the equipment list in respect of the Aircraft provided by the Manufacturer at Delivery, (b) the MPD.

PMA Part means a part which is manufactured under a “parts manufacturer approval” under FAR Part 21 authority (“FAA PMA Part”) or equivalent CAAC authority (“CAAC PMA Part”).

Qualified Performance Restoration means a Module Performance Restoration performed on the core modules (high pressure compressor, and high pressure turbine) of an Engine.

Redelivery Check means the Aircraft shall be fresh ex the maintenance job for the interval of four thousand (4,000) Flight Hours, three thousand (3,000) Cycles and twelve (12) months in accordance with the Manufacturer's latest MPD.

2.                  MAINTENANCE

2.1              Repairs

(a)                All repairs performed to the Aircraft during the Lease Period shall be performed in accordance with the Manufacturer’s Structural Repair Manual or the Engine Manufacturer’s approved manual. 

(b)               Any repair not covered by the Manufacturer's Structural Repair Manual or the Engine Manufacturer's approved manual, shall be in accordance with Manufacturer's public documents  or Manufacturer's written approvalor FAA STC (Supplemental Type Certificate) approval or the successor FAA certificate or FAA or EASA equivalent;. 

3.                  REPLACEMENT OF PARTS

(a)                Lessor agrees that Lessee may only use PMA Parts as replacements for cabin furnishings except the Redelivery Check.

4.                  MODIFICATIONS

perform all mandatory modifications required to meet the regulations of FAA, EASA or the Aviation Authority, for which the mandatory compliance date (on a terminating basis) falls before the Termination Date or within one hundred eighty (180) days (or equivalent hours and/or cycles) after the Termination Date.

Lessee, at its own expense, may from time to time make such alterations and modifications, provided that such alterations or modifications are incorporated in accordance with a manufacturer service bulletin or STC modification.

5.                  REDELIVERY CONDITIONS


1)        general

(1)          The Aircraft will:

a)        conforming to FAA type design certification and be clean in accordance with scheduled, passenger and cargo airline standards;be in airworthy and serviceable operating condition,

b)        have installed the full complement of systems, equipment, parts, accessories, furnishings and loose equipment as normally installed in the Aircraft for continued regular airline service operating within limits specified in Manufacturer's maintenance manual and functioning in accordance with their intended use and in compliance with operations under CAAC part 121 and 91, the successor regulation thereof; For the intended use under FAA 121 and 91, the Lessor is responsible for the cost caused by the difference between the regulation of the CAAC and the FAA.

c)        have a currently valid export certificate of airworthiness with respect to the Aircraft issued by the Aviation Authority.

d)       have in compliance all applicable outstanding FAA Airworthiness Directives affecting that model of Aircraft and all outstanding FAA Mandatory Orders affecting that model of Aircraft requiring compliance prior to the Redelivery Date and 180 days thereafter.  FAA Airworthiness Directives not having a terminating action will be accomplished at a sufficient level of modification or inspection to clear them for at least one hundred and eighty 180 days after the Redelivery Date. FAA Airworthiness Directives having a terminating action requiring compliance prior to the Redelivery Date or within 180 days thereafter will be accomplished by way of terminating action;

e)        have installed all applicable vendor's and Manufacturer's service bulletin kits received free of charge by Lessee that are appropriate for the Aircraft and to the extent not installed, those kits will be furnished free of charge to Lessor;

f)         painted all over white or in such external livery as advised by Lessor in advance the Redelivery. Such painting will be accomplished in such a manner as to result in uniformly smooth and cosmetically acceptable aerodynamic surfaces on the fuselage, doors, tail, wings, nacelles and empennage;

g)        have all signs and decals unobscured, secure and legible;

h)        meet the requirements of ICAO Annex 16, Chapter 3 noise compliance (as stated in the Aviation Authority issued noise certificate) without waiver or restriction;

i)          have no open, deferred, continued, carry over or placard log book items and have no temporarydefined in the manufacture’s SRM or time-limiteddefined as category C in the manufacture’s SRM  structural repairs. 

j)          be free of fuel, oil, hydraulic and pneumatic leaks outside maintenance manual limits and approved data limit.  Any temporary leak repairs will have been replaced by permanent repairs.  All oil and hydraulic tanks and reservoirs and systems along with lavatory and potable water tanks and systems shall have been freshly and fully serviced;

k)        have all structural repairs, modifications and alterations accomplished in accordance with Manufacturer's public documents  or Manufacturer's written approvalor FAA STC (Supplemental Type Certificate) approval or the successor FAA certificate or FAA or EASA equivalent;

l)          have all non-structural system component and avionic repairs, modifications and alterations accomplished in accordance with Manufacturer's public documents or Manufacturer's written approval (with a statement of conformity to type certificate data) or FAA STC (Supplemental Type Certificate or the successor FAA certificate) or FAA or EASA equivalent;

m)      be configured as at Delivery, except the changed configuration agreed in writing by the Lessor and Lessee.

(2)          Lessee agrees to perform, during such Redelivery check, providing such work does not cause the planned grounding of the Aircraft to be extended or adversely affect Lessee's application for deregistration of the Aircraft or an export certificate of airworthiness from the CAAC, any other work reasonably required by Lessor to enable the Aircraft to be placed on another maintenance programme and Lessor shall reimburse Lessee for the reasonable actual cost of such other work required by Lessor at Lessee's best rate to third parties or (if no such rate exists) the then prevailing market rate in China;

2)        Component

(1)       Each Flight Hour and Cycle controlled Hard Time Component (other than the Landing Gear and APU) shall have not less than4,000 Flight Hours or 3,000 Cycles (or 100 per cent. of Hard-Time life if this interval is less), as applicable, of life remaining to the next Scheduled removal, in accordance with the Manufacturer's Maintenance Planning Document. 

(2)       Each On-Condition Component and Condition-Monitored Component will be serviceable and shall be supported by appropriate certification documentation such as JAA/EASA form 1 or FAA form 8130-3OR AAC-038 at the point of last installation on the Aircraft if replaced since Aircraft new delivery.  The  Condition-Monitored Components shall be supported by an appropriate reliability programme and data in accordance with Lessee's Approved Maintenance Programme;


(3)       Each life-limited component or Part of the Airframe will have a minimum of four thousand (4,000) hours and three thousand (3,000) cycles (whichever is applicable).If such life-limited component or Part has less than 4,000 hours and 3,000 cycles,such component or Part will have one hundred percent (100%) of its total approved life remaining to operate until its next scheduled Overhaul pursuant to the MPD.

(4)       Each component or Part which has a calendar limit will have remaining to operate at least (a) one (1) year from the date of return of the Aircraft to LESSOR or (b) one hundred percent (100%) of its total approved life, whichever is less, pursuant to the MPD.

3)        Airframe

The Airframe will have undergone a Return Check agreed by Lessee and Lessor in writing in accordance with the Manufacturer's Maintenance Planning Document.

4)        Engine

When redelivery ,Lessee can select to install original Engine or Replacement Engine,but the Replacement Engine should be the same model with original Engine and have the similar time with the original Engine.

Each Engine or Replacement Engine of the same model as permitted under the Lease Agreement installed on the Aircraft shall comply with the following:

a)        have no less than 4,000 Flight Hours or 3,000 Cycles of life remaining to the next expected removal, as applicable.  Each Engine or Replacement Engine shall have an EGT margin that according to the Manufacturer's latest data for Engines operated in China shall ensure continued in service operation for a further 4,000 flight hours or 3,000 cycles, as applicable.  Engine Life Limited Parts will have a minimum of 3,000 cycles remaining to the next scheduled removal.  Engine Life Limited Parts will be supported by certification documentation necessary to demonstrate Back to Birth Traceability;

b)        will have no less than 4,000 Flight Hours or 3,000 Cycles on-condition life remaining to the next anticipated Engine Performance Restoration shop visit, as applicable, (based on Manufacturer's mean time between removals for engines of the same model and thrust rating in a similar operating environment) and will have no defect, which provides less than 4,000 Flight Hours or 3,000 Cycles, as applicable, of remaining life pursuant to Manufacturer's requirements until removal;

c)        will have just completed at the location for Lessor's acceptance on or about the Redelivery Date an all module, hot and cold section video borescope inspection, which inspection shall be performed at Lessor's expense.  Lessee will also have just completed in respect of each Engine an inspection of each magnetic chip detector and oil and fuel filter inspections, and Lessee shall provide Lessor with oil consumption reports for the Engine.  Any defects discovered in such inspections which exceed the Manufacturer's in-service limits shall be corrected at Lessee's expense. Each such Engine will comply with and have been maintained in accordance with Lessee's Approved Maintenance Programme without waiver or exceptions.  All items beyond the Engine Manufacturer's in-service limits shall be repaired; and

d)       if Engine trend or condition monitoring data indicates a rate of acceleration in performance deterioration over at least the previous ninety days, which is higher than normal based on the maintenance experience of the Manufacturer or the experience of Lessee in operating the same model of engines, under similar conditions, Lessee will, prior to Redelivery Date, cause to be corrected such conditions which are determined to have exceeded tolerances defined for such engines in Manufacturer's maintenance manual or are otherwise determined to be causing such performance deterioration.

5)        APU

The APU shall meet all air outputs and temperature limitations under load in accordance with the relevant Manufacturer's maintenance manual, and any defects discovered in such inspection, which exceed the APU Manufacturer's in-service limits, shall be corrected at Lessee's expense.

The APU will be serviceable and have not more than 3,000 APU Flight Hours since the last APU Performance Restoration.

6)        Fuel leaks

The wings will be free of fuel leaks ,excluding drips, seaps & stains as defined in the manufacturer's maintenance manual without any operation restriction as demonstrated by filling all of the fuel tanks and observing and inspecting for leaks.

7)        Aircraft's interior


All items which are reasonably found by Lessor to be defective beyond maintenance manual limits or if maintenance manual limits are not available, beyond approved data limits or missing in the Aircraft's interior will be replaced or repaired.

8)        Landing Gear and wheel wells, brakes

(1)    The Landing Gear and wheel wells will be clean to the standard consistent with a C Check, free of leaks outside the Aircraft maintenance manual allowable limits and approved data limits for in service aircraft and repaired as necessary and shall have been stripped and repainted during any Landing Gear Overhaul;

(2)    Each installed Landing Gear shall be fresh from Landing Gear Overhaul or if not fresh from Landing Gear Overhaul, shall have no less than12 months life remaining to the next Scheduled removal in accordance with the Manufacturer's Maintenance Planning Document.  No Life Limited Part within each installed Landing Gear shall have more than 120 per cent. of the Airframe total Cycles since new and certificates and will be supported by certification documentation necessary to demonstrate Back to Birth Traceability;

(3)    The tires, wheels and brakes will have on average, not less than half of their useful life remaining but in no case, less than 25 percent of their useful life remaining.

9)        Acceptance flight

Lessee will carry out for LESSOR and/or LESSOR's representatives an Aircraft acceptance flight in accordance with an airline acceptance flight procedure which is acceptable to Lessee and which will be for the duration of not more than two hours necessary to perform such check flight procedures.


1.        AD reimburse

Regarding the AD, Lessor shall reimburse an amount to Lessee in accordance with the following formula:

R      =   (96-M)/96*(C-X)    


R      means the amount to be reimbursed by Lessor to Lessee;

M      means the number of months between (a) the date of the Airworthiness Directive Mandatory Order or Alert SB completion /date of the Airworthiness Directive/ Mandatory Order or Alert SB becomes due for accomplishment on the Aircraft (whichever is earlier) and (b) the end of the 96 month term;

C      means the cost of completing required work under the FAA Airworthiness Directive and/or FAA-Mandatory Order at an Approved Maintenance Performer’s normal commercial labour charge rates plus reasonable cost of materials, subtracting any subsidy, warranty, payment or other benefit provided to Lessee and excluding any loss or expenses incurred because of inability to operate such aircraft; and

X      means $50,000