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Established in 1984 and with its headquarters located in Xiamen, a coastal city in Fujian in Southeast China, Xiamen Airlines is China’s first airline company operating under the modern enterprise system. Through 34 years of steady development, Xiamen Airlines is "an epitome of China's civil aviation development" as praised by President Xi Jinping, and has become the most distinctive airline company in China's civil aviation industry.


Xiamen Airlines is operating a fleet of 163 aircraft as of early 2018, which is also among the youngest fleets in the world. Its network of nearly 400 domestic and international routes covers China, Southeast and Northeast Asia, and reaches Europe, North America and Oceania. Taking advantage of its SkyTeam membership, it has extended its reach to 1074 destinations in 177 countries.


By achieving profits for 31 years in a row (the only one in China), Xiamen Airlines has been an airline that has remained profitable for the longest period in China's civil aviation industry. It enjoys the highest international financial rating among the Chinese airlines. The company now has total assets of 40 billion yuan and net assets of 16.2 billion yuan, with an asset-liability ratio of 59%. Since 2009, it has achieved accumulated revenues of around 120 billion yuan, with profits of 12.7 billion yuan. Among over 240-member airlines of International Air Transport Association (IATA), Xiamen Airlines' total profits ranks among the top 20, with its profit margin even among the top 10.


Over the years, the company has been making unremitting efforts to ensure  aviation safety and to improve its service quality. It has now accumulated 4 million hours of accident-free flight and has been rated as "Airline Offering the Best Services" by Chinese passengers for many consecutive years. In March 2016, Xiamen Airlines was awarded the "China Quality Award", making it the first award winner in China's service sector and the only airline company that has won the award in China's civil aviation industry.


Looking forward, Xiamen Airlines will continue to engage in its mission to “deliver customer-focused service, helping employees to succeed and giving back to society.” It will continue to pursue innovation and excellence by upholding the spirit of fighting for success. It will continue to bring its passengers a travel experience with unique Chinese characteristics beyond their expectations and build up a global network reaching every corner of the world with its international horizon. It will strive to rank among the world-class airline companies by pursuing maximized safety, superior management and excellent performance, and to be a company that brings a happy travel experience and environmentally-friendly philosophies to its passengers around the world.


Company Name: 厦门航空





IATA Member Code: MF



ICAO Designated Code: CXA


Address: 321, Donghuang Road, Xiamen, China

邮编:     361006

Zip Code:  361006 

电话:95557     传真:86-592-5739777

Service hotline: 95557       Fax:86-592-5739777