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Travel Information

Xiamen Airlines' flights originating from Macau

Hangzhou ( Daily )MF898 – 16:15/18:25MF897 – 12:55/15:10
Dalian(Daily)MF898 – 16:15/21:35MF897 – 09:35/15:10
Quanzhou ( Daily )MF892 – 17:30/18:55MF891 – 15:00/16:35
Xiamen( Daily )MF838 – 16:20/17:40MF837 – 14:05/15:20
Tianjin( Daily ) MF838– 16:20/21:30MF837 – 10:20/15:20

Xiamen Air Holidays Ltd. (Macau)

Xiamen Air Holidays Ltd. (Macau) can book flight tickets and hotel rooms for passengers in Macau.

Tel: 00 (853) 28780663

Address: Store U, Underground Floor, Marina Plaza, No. 153 Beijing Street, New Port, Macau

Xiamen Airlines' check-in counter

Xiamen Airlines' check-in counter and departure level are located on the first floor of the Terminal Building, Macau International Airport.

Macau International Airport

Macau International Airport: 00(853)28861111

Airport VIP lounge

Airport VIP lounge: 00 (853) 8898 2873

The Macau International Airport VIP lounge, located on the airside mezzanine floor, provides a range of fee-based services. A self-service bar provides a generous selection of drinks and snacks. Satellite television, IDD telephones, fax machines and broadband Internet connections enable passengers to stay in touch and keep up with the latest global information.

Luggage Storage

The Left Luggage counter located on the departure level of Macau International Airport provides luggage storage services around the clock.

Passengers can pick up their luggage from the luggage conveyor belt after completing entry/exit procedures. In general, it takes about nine minutes to transport luggage from the aircraft to the conveyor belt, and all luggage should be available to be claimed within 20 minutes after the flight arrives. If not, passengers can consult the inquiry desk nearby.

Free luggage carts are available at the Arrival Hall, Exit and Taxi Stop for passengers’ convenience.