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1. From now on, if you successfully buy a ticket for a flight that Xiamen Airlines has already opened air Wi-Fi and the aircraft type is Boeing 787, you may request the air Wi-Fi service at no charge via Xiamen Airlines’ official website, Xiamen Airlines’ WeChat official account and Xiamen Airlines’mobile App.

International flight Opened Xiamen-Amsterdam-Xiamen
Fuzhou-New York-Fuzhou
Xiamen-Los Angeles-Xiamen
Qingdao-Los Angeles-Qingdao
Domestic flight Opened Xiamen-Beijing-Xiamen

2. In accordance with relevant regulations of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, tablets, laptops and other wireless devices cannot be used during aircraft taxiing, takeoff and landing, and the Wi-Fi system in the cabin will be shut down.

3. Within thirty days prior to departure of the flight, you can request air Wi-Fi via Xiamen Airlines’ official website,Xiamen Airlines’ WeChat official account and Xiamen Airlinesmobile app. The free air Wi-Fi service experience is limited to the first 50 applicants.

4. The air Wi-Fi service may change temporarily due to unpredictable events (such as device maintenance and system upgrades). Please refer to the information of the actual flight.

5. The devices that can be used withair Wi-Fi are portable electronics (PED) with wireless network capability. Air Wi-Fi will allow you to surf the web,send instant messages, send and receive e-mails, etc. (voice services are temporarily unavailable). For specific usage rules, please observe Xiamen Airlines regulations and follow the instructions of the flight crew.

6. After successful application, the Internet verification codes will be sent via Email to the email address you provided on the application.Please retain these codes. Internet verification codes are limited to be used by the passengerhim/herself for this flight and will contain the passenger’s personal information. Please safeguard these codes.

7. The network connection of Xiamen Airlines air Wi-Fi service is provided by satellite. Please understand the connection may be blocked or interrupted due to weather, aircraft location, polar region interference, satellite handoff,Internet browser limitations and other conditions. At present, the system versions supported include iOS 9 or higher, MacOS X 10.9 or higher, Android 4.4 or higher, and Windows 7 or higher.The browsers supported include Safari 8 or higher, Chrome 42 or higher, Firefox 38 or higher, IE 11 or higher. Xiamen Airlines will not be liable for any data losses, delays or errors that occur in the air Wi-Fi service.

8. To guarantee flight and communication safety, any usage of Wi-Fi service must comply with relevant laws and regulations of the civil aviation communication administration, and follow the instructions from the flight attendants. Note that in accordance with aforementioned laws and regulations, usage of certainnetwork applications are restricted.To ensure flight and communication safety, Xiamen Airlines has the right to stop air Wi-Fi service temporarily or during the entire flight.

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