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Get connected to XiamenAir In-Flight Wi-Fi through applying for a verification code via official website, Wechat public account and mobile app of XiamenAir, you will get connected on a Boeing 787 Dreamliner flight. Please follow rules below when you use in-flight Wi-Fi service.

1. In-flight Wi-Fi Routes: All Boeing 787 Dreamliner flights of XiamenAir(according to some routes are operated by multiple aircraft types or dynamic aircraft types adjustment, please be subject to the actual aircraft).

International Route Xiamen⇌Amsterdam Xiamen⇌Qingdao⇌Los Angeles
Xiamen⇌Sydney Xiamen⇌Shenzhen⇌Seattle
Xiamen⇌Melbourne Fuzhou⇌Sydney
Xiamen⇌Vancouver Fuzhou⇌Paris
Xiamen⇌Los Angeles Fuzhou⇌New York
Xiamen⇌Hangzhou⇌Melbourne Fuzhou⇌Tokyo
Domestic Route Xiamen⇌Beijing Fuzhou⇌Beijing
Beijing⇌Shenzhen Hangzhou⇌Beijing

2.Applying channel: official website, Wechat public account and mobile app of XiamenAir.

3. Applying time limit: Within 30 days prior to scheduled departure time of the flight.

4. Applying quota: 50 applicants per flight.

5. How to get connected on board: you will get a verification code after applying, which is used to log in when you connect your mobile devices to XiamenAir In-Flight Wi-Fi Portal(connect WLAN network “XiamenAir” and visit “” on board, click “Wifi”icon to log in).

6. Other matters need attention:

①XiamenAir In-Flight Wi-Fi service is provided by satellite. The system versions of portable electronic devices(PED) supported include iOS 9 or higher, MacOS X 10.9 or higher, Android 4.4 or higher, and Windows 7 or higher. The browsers supported include Safari 8 or higher, Chrome 42 or higher, Firefox 38 or higher, IE 11 or higher. XiamenAir will not be liable for any data losses, delays or errors that occur in the in-flight Wi-Fi service.

②According to CAAC regulations, passengers are not allowed to use Transmitting Portable Electronic Devices, meanwhile in-flight Wi-Fi system will shutdown.

③XiamenAir In-Flight Wi-Fi supports visiting web pages, instant message, E-mail, etc(voice message and video are not supported). According to CAAC and network service regulations, the usage of certain network applications are restricted. To ensure flight and communication safety, XiamenAir has the right to shutdown in-flight Wi-Fi service temporarily or during the entire flight.

④Due to unpredictable factors, such as equipment maintenance, system upgrade, etc, in-flight Wi-Fi service may be unstable temporarily. The connection may be blocked or interrupted due to weather, aircraft location, polar region interference, satellite handover, internet browser limitations and other conditions.

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