In-Flight Meals

(A) Beverage Service


(B) Special Meals Service

We also offer the following special meals to satisfy cultural customs and personal preferences. If you need special meal service, please make your request when you purchase your ticket at the ticket office or contact the Xiamen Airlines hotline at 95557 to make special meal requests, changes or cancellations.

If you apply for special meals through Xiamen Airlines official website, Xiamen Airlines APP or wechat official account:

a).  For flights originating from Chinese mainland, please apply no later than 24 (inclusive) hours before departure.

b). For flights originating from China Hong Kong/Macao/Taiwan and outside China, please apply at least 48 (inclusive) hours before departure.

Muslim meals are available only on flight segments served by the Xiamen Airlines Catering Department and qualified catering companies. Every season, the Catering Department provides a list of flights with Muslim Meal services(Flights with Muslim Meal). 

(C)List of Special Meals

a). Special meals provided by Xiamen Airlines

VOML中式东方素食餐Vegetarian Oriental Meal(Without Milk & Egg)
SFML海鲜餐Seafood Meal
FPML水果餐Fruit Platter Meal
CHML儿童餐Child Meal
BBML婴儿餐Baby Meal
DBML糖尿病餐Diabetic Meal

b). Special meals provided to flights to be confirmed

MOML穆斯林(清真)餐Muslim Meal
SPML特殊餐Special Meal