Reminders on recent entry control measures of relevant cities in China (Updated on March 26)

Dear Passengers

1. According to “Notice on Further Strengthening the Health Management of Inbound Travelers Entering Xiamen”, starting from 00:00 March 26, 2020, all inbound travelers to Fujian with a travel history abroad including Taiwan, Hong Kong SAR and Macao SAR of China in the past 14 days (this also applies to travelers who are transferring at Xiamen Gaoqi Airport and Fuzhou Changle Airport ), Chinese and foreign nationals alike, will be placed under a 14-day medical observation in designated places. All inbound travelers shall truthfully report personal health conditions, and cooperate with relevant departments on temperature screening, medical inspection, medical observation in designated places and other measures. Any travelers who intentionally conceal or falsely declare their health conditions or overseas travel history (including Taiwan, HongKong SAR and Macao SAR), who refuse to be placed under medical observation in designated places or receive medical treatment, who fail to abide by regulations on home quarantine or act in other ways that disrupt epidemic prevention and control efforts, will be held accountable by laws and regulations.

Responding to the prevention and control requirements of COVID-19, Xiamen Airlines hereby announces the prevention measures from the Municipal Government of Fuzhou,Xiamen,Quanzhou and Qingdao as follows:

l Epidemic prevention and control measures in Fuzhou

1.Starting from 00:00 on March 16, 2020, people traveling by air, railway, ship liner, car etc via any overseas area with the final destination as Fuzhou, will be placed under medical observation in designated places for 14 days.

2.Passenger Health Management at Airport Entry

(1)Passengers with fever and other relevant symptoms will be taken to Changle District Hospital for medical observation and treatment. 

(2)Those who have close contact with passengers with

fever and other relevant symptoms will be taken to Changle Airport Hospital for quarantine and medical observation, and will be accommodated in Fuzhou Seaview Fliport Resort Hotel after the quarantine.

(3)For other passengers whose destinations are counties/cities/districts within Fuzhou Municipality, the epidemic prevention officers from relevant counties/cities/districts  will immediately arrange a“point-to-point” non-stop transportation from the airport to the designated isolation point under their respective jurisdiction. Other than the above-mentioned, the remaining passengers will be accommodated at Fuzhou Seaview Fliport Resort Hotel for quarantine. Passengers with connection flights are required to take a nucleic acid test and those with negative outcome will continue their journey.

(4)The cost of nucleic acid testing is borne by the relevant county/city/district government. The expenses of accommodation and food during centralized health management quarantine will be borne by the quarantined person.

l Epidemic prevention and control measures in Xiamen

1.Starting from 00:00 on March 26, 2020, all travelers arriving Xiamen with history of overseas and regional (including Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao) travelling/residence within the last 14 days, will be placed under medical observation in designated places for 14 days.

2.With advanced applications and approvals, travelers for whom medical observation in designated places is inappropriate, such as senior travelers over 70 years old,minors,pregnant women and travelers with underlying medical conditions, will be placed under medical observation at home for 14 days after entry.

3. The expenses of accommodation and food incurred during the medical observation in designated places should be borne by travelers themselves.

4.All travelers entering Xiamen shall register their complete and accurate personal information through WeChat account “i厦门” (ixm0592) before arrival.

l Epidemic prevention and control measures in Quanzhou

1.Starting from March 17, 2020, travelers who enter Quanzhou from abroad should be placed under a 14-day medical observation in designated places and nucleic acid testing. The expenses of accommodation and food incurred during quarantine at designated hotels shall be borne by travelers themselves.

2.Anyone with fever or respiratory tracts symptoms during quarantine shall be taken to the designated hospitals for medical inspection and treatment.

l Epidemic prevention and control measures in Qingdao

1.Starting from March 17,2020, travelers entering China from all countries and regions will be placed under  medical quarantine in designated places or home quarantine for 14 days. The expenses of accommodation and food incurred during the medical observation shall be borne by the travelers themselves. 

2. If confirmed cases, suspected cases or asymptomatic infection cases are found during the medical observation among passengers who have entered the Chinese border normally, their close contacts shall be investigated, tracked and managed immediately. The confirmed patients shall be sent to the designated hospitals for medical treatments.

We kindly remind you:

At present, all airports nationwide have taken strict preventive measures. Travelers are advised to pay close attention to the latest quarantine policy of your destinations and transfer airports when booking. Please allow enough time at the airport before departure to implement the prevention and control measures, avoiding any losses caused by missing a flight. Travelers who are eligible to Xiamen Airlines free accommodation transfer service, but are required to stay in designated hotels by the local epidemic prevention and control policies, the expenses of accommodation and food incurred shall be borne by the travelers themselves.

Your understanding and cooperation is highly appreciated. We wish you good health.           



Xiamen Airlines

March 26, 2020