Notification of In-person Card Verification for Online Purchases Paying With Bank Cards

Dear Purchasers:

In order to protect the cardholders against fraudulent use of their payment cards , please read the following terms and conditions that apply when you purchase flight tickets on Xiamen Airlines’ website. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

When the cardholder is one of the passengers, the cardholder may be required to present the physical bank card in person for verification at the time of check-in .

When the cardholder is not one of the passengers in the reservation , the cardholder will be required to present the physical bank card together with his or her valid identity documents at a nearby Xiamen Airlines ticket office or at the airport ticket counter prior to check-in, and the cardholder will be required to sign the Declaration of Payment for Others’ Flight Ticket Purchases on Xiamen Airlines’ Official Website (see Appendix I) to complete the in-person card verification process.

In the event that in-person bank card verification is not completed in complying with this requirement, all the passengers in the reservation which is paid by an unverified bank card may be denied check-in unless they purchase another flight tickets at the airport as required. Xiamen Airlines is not liable for any losses or expenses that may be incurred by the cardholder or other passengers as a result of the cardholder’s failure to cooperate with in-person verification procedures.

Appendix I: