Special Passenger Application

Xiamen Airlines is dedicated to providing the best customer service for customers who require assistance in hearing, speech, vision and mobility.

I. Accessibility and Assistance

Airport Special Service

Xiamen Airlines has ticket offices and check-in counters available at local airports to ensure that every passenger can enjoy our services.

Flight and Boarding Gate Information Service

Information about all flights can be found on display screens at airports. Information about specific flights is available on the electronic display at boarding gates. Our staff at the boarding gate will orally inform all passengers, including passengers with visual impairments, of boarding notice and flight changes.

Airport Assistance

Our staff will assist the passenger with disabilities in boarding, deplaning and transfer.

We also assist passengers with connecting flight service.

Onboard Special Service

Most of our aircraft offer special services for passengers with disabilities. We offer removable chair handrails, wheelchair storage space and cabin wheelchairs depending on the type and age of our aircraft. We also provide a wheelchair accessible bathroom on large aircraft.

Removable Channel Handrails

We offer removable chair handrails on some aircraft for easy access of passengers with wheelchairs. The seat standards of different aircraft types may vary.

If the armrest of your seat is non-removable, our gate staff and crew will be happy to check whether another serviceable seat is available on the aircraft.

Wheelchair Storage Space

Most of our aircraft have a special storage space for one wheelchair. This service is strictly first come, first served. Passengers who need this service will be allowed to board in advance.

The wheelchair must be able to be put into the FAA-approved storage area and meet the aircraft’s requirements on weight and size.If the wheelchair does not fit in the cabin or space is not available, it will be carried in the aircraft cargo compartment at no charge.

Cabin Wheelchairs

We provide cabin wheelchairs on all our flights to and from the US. These wheelchairs are designed to help passengers who want to use the bathroom. Our trained flight attendants will help you use the wheelchair. While they can assist you through the cabin, they cannot lift or move you beyond assisting you into the wheelchair.

Accessible Bathroom

Many of our large aircraft are equipped with accessible bathrooms. Please check individual aircraft for details.

Onboard Assistance

Our flight attendants will ensure that you travel safely and comfortably. They can help you use the cabin wheelchair, store or retrieve carry-on luggage, deliver the food and open its packaging.

However, the flight attendants do not assist passengers with eating and personal hygiene or help passengers inside the bathroom. While they assist you through the cabin, they cannot lift or move you. Flight attendants cannot provide injections and other extraordinary medical services.

Passengers who need such services should make other arrangements for assistance.

Passengers Who Need Safety Support Personnel

We require that passengers with certain disabilities be accompanied by safety support personnel under the following circumstances :
1. The passenger is unable due to mental disability to understand and respond to safety instructions;
2. The passenger is unable due to severe hearing and vision impairment to communicate with our employees to get brief safety instructions (passengers with a severe hearing and vision impairment who wish to travel without support personnel must notify us at least 48 hours in advance. Passengers failing to comply with this requirement will be accommodated to the extent practicable);
3. The passenger is unable due to mobility impairment to assist in his/her own evacuation in case of emergency.

II. Bookings

We suggest you make the booking in advance for us to prepare your trip in case you have special needs. Most of the special services require check-in at least one hour before check-in.If you have the following special requirements, please follow the deadlines specified in Section XVI.

Medical Certificate

A medical certificate issued by a physician is required under the following circumstances. Please notify the booking service agent at the time of ticket purchase if:
1. You need medical oxygen.
2. You have a serious infectious disease that poses a direct threat to others.
3. You cannot safely complete the flight without extraordinary medical assistance.

Under such circumstances, you need a medical certificate dated by a licensed physician within 10 days before the departure. Please note the following requirements: If you need medical oxygen, the medical certificate must specify the particular need and the amount of oxygen required per minute. If you have a serious infectious disease, the medical certificate must indicate what preventive measures we need to take. The medical certificate must indicate that the disease will not spread to other people on the plane.

III. Seating for Passengers with Disabilities

We will try our best to meet the seating needs of passengers with disabilities. It is our responsibility to provide you with the seat in the cabin class you purchased in advance. We will also provide the following services:
1. Passengers who use the channel wheelchair, and cannot pass fixed channel armrest will be given seats with mobile channel armrests.
2. The assistant or caregiver of the passenger can have an adjacent seat.
3. Passengers with service dogs can be seated at any available seats.(Except emergency exit).
4. Passengers with mobility problems can sit in any qualified seat in their cabin class to facilitate their travel.

IV. Application for Special Services

Application for Wheelchair Service

You may, but need not, request wheelchair service prior to arriving at the airport.If you need to use the airport wheelchair service or cabin wheelchair, you or your agent can go to ticket offices of Xiamen Airlines, or visit the official website for the application, and fill out the "Application for Special Passengers". To better meet your needs, our staff will confirm with you whether you are able to walk without additional assistance, your walking distance, and whether you are able to ascend or descend stairs without additional assistance.

For passengers who apply through the official website, the passenger or agent should fill out the "Application for Special Passengers" online and submit an application request. Xiamen Airlines will confirm the application and contact the applicant.

Time of Application

You are required to inform us no later than 48 hours before the departure time should you need the following equipment or service:
1. You need to consign the electric wheelchair(only in aircraft with less than 60 seats).
2. You need to use the cabin wheelchair(only in aircraft with less than 60 seats).
3. You need medical oxygen for use on board the aircraft (if available).
4. You need hookup for a respirator to the aircraft power supply (if available).
5. You need to travel in a stretcher (if available).
6. You need hazardous materials packaging for a wheelchair battery or other assistive device.
7. You are traveling as a member of a group of ten or more disabled persons who make reservations and travel as a group.
8. You require transportation of an emotional support or psychiatric service dog in the cabin.
9. You require transportation of a service dog on a flight segment scheduled to take eight hours or more.
10. You have both a severe vision and hearing impairment.

Passengers who do not meet the advance notice and check-in requirements will be accommodated if Xiamen Airlines can do so by making a reasonable effort, without delaying the flight.

Consign the Electric Wheelchair

If you need to consign the electric wheelchair, please note the following:

Please go to the airport and contact our staff for shipment procedures one hour prior to the departure time.

Packaging requirements:

The packaging of the electric wheelchair should meet the following requirements:
(a) For wheelchairs with a leak-proof battery, make sure the battery is securely attached to the wheelchair without a short-circuit.
(b) For wheelchairs equipped with a spillable battery: Remove the battery and place it in strong packaging. The packaging should be leak-proof to ensure that a short-circuit does not occur. The surrounding space should be filled with suitable absorbent material to absorb any leaked liquid.The battery need not be removed if the wheelchair can be loaded, stored and secured in an upright position to prevent possible spillage.
(c) Wheelchair with lithium-ion battery: The battery must be removed and carried into the cabin; the rated wattage of each battery must not exceed 300Wh; if there are two batteries in the wheelchair, the rated wattage of each battery must not exceed 160Wh; each passenger can carry one backup battery so long as the rated wattage of each battery does not exceed 300Wh, or two backup batteries with the rated wattage of each not exceeding 160Wh. For more information, please contact your local Xiamen Airlines office.

Storing Assistive Devices in the Cabin

If the size and weight of your personal folding wheelchair meet the requirement of the storage space in the aircraft, you can request to store the wheelchair in the aircraft. (Please check individual aircraft for details.)

Priorities will be given to wheelchairs over other baggage. In each aircraft, there is a special space for only one wheelchair.

This service is strictly first come, first served.

The following assistive devices are regarded as carry-on items(but will not count against the passenger’s carry-on baggage limit):
Category Assistive devices
Passenger with disability Walking aid Walking stick
Service dog
Hearing impaired passenger
Hearing dog
Sight impaired passenger Seeing-eye dog
Cane Multifunction

Note: 1. This service is strictly first come, first served. Storage of assistive devices should comply with the applicable security provisions and provisions of transport of dangerous goods;
2. We will help you consign related equipment free of charge if there are no storage facilities or space in the cabin.

To learn more, access the Department of Transportation regulations on Non-Discrimination on the Basis of Disability in Air Travel (PDF)(will open in a new window)