Xiamen Airlines Released the 2023 Social Responsibility Report


On May 20, 2024, Xiamen Airlines released the 2023 social responsibility report and social responsibility-themed video, comprehensively elaborating on the company's active fulfillment of social responsibilities and vigorous promotion of sustainable development concepts and practices over the past year.

On the same day, we held theme activities in the VIP lounges of Xiamen, Fuzhou, Hangzhou, Beijing, Changsha, Chongqing, Tianjin, Quanzhou and Shanghai Terminals, as well as on three flights, namely MF849 Fuzhou-New York, MF8219 Fuzhou-Yinchuan and MF8031 Xiamen-Shenyang. Passengers were invited to read and watch our annual social responsibility report and themed video, and were also called on to join our actions to practice social responsibilities and build a better future.

As a state-owned enterprise, it's our unshakable duty to fulfill social responsibilities. Xiamen Airlines has always believed in the power of business goodwill, shouldered the mission of "Taking More People to Explore the World", and made constant efforts in promoting "sustainable development". We strived to fight continuously and achieved remarkable results in corporate governance, green development, flight safety, service quality, employee growth, and social relations.

Every takeoff and landing showcases our solemn commitment to safety. In 2023, we carried out a total of 271,000 flights, with about 647,000 hours of safe flight, up to a total of over 8.09 million hours of safe flight. The dispatch reliability of Boeing 737NG and Boeing B787 fleets reached 99.89% and 99.81% respectively, maintaining the world's leading level of fleet. The occurrence rate of Service Difficulty Reports (SDRs) in the entire fleet decreased by 39.6% YoY, and the mechanical SDR rate per 10,000 hours was only 0.87, which was at the lowest level since 2015. And the rate of unsafe time per 10,000 hours due to human factors decreased by 13.5% YoY.

Our service quality has also become our core competitiveness. In 2023, our flight punctuality rate reached 86.58%, and we won the APEX "World Class Award" consecutively. We've been awarded the "Best Airline in Service" in the Chinese mainland for 45 consecutive quarters, and have won the CAPSE "Best Airline of the Year" for 9 consecutive years, etc.

It's our unshakable duty to fulfill our environmental responsibility. In 2023, we saved 93,000 tonnes of fuel and reduced carbon emissions by 293,000 tonnes, with fuel consumption per comparable flight segment decreasing by 0.58% compared with that in 2019. The plastic limit rate for passenger supplies on domestic flights reached as high as 92%, and the number of natural bamboo pulp products increased to 17, responding to the call for environmental protection with practical actions. Our new headquarters building has received LEED-CS green building gold certification, and its green account was selected in the "Fortune" 2023 China's Best Design List. These honors witness solid footprints on our green development path.

We've always adhered to the service of the "Air Silk Road" as the starting point and actively served the overall situation of the country. In 2023, we opened the Daxing, Beijing /Xiamen-Doha route, becoming the first Chinese carrier on the China-Qatar route and building a closer air bridge; we actively enhanced cross-Strait exchanges and communication through resuming and increasing flights across the Taiwan Strait, cultivating young talents in Taiwan, brand cooperation, etc. Meanwhile, we also contributed to the cause of rural revitalization through point-to-point village assistance, brand-driven agricultural development, charity project cooperation, etc.

In 2024, we'll actively respond to the national call, fulfill our corporate social responsibility, continue to optimize the implementation level and connotation of the sustainable development concept, enhance our social responsibility influence, and contribute more to the construction of a safe, green, harmonious and beautiful society.