Guide on Epidemic Prevention and Control Measures for China-bound Travelers: Please Present Your Printed Test Report to the Airlines before Boarding

Dear Passengers:

In order to provide smooth travel services during the COVID-19 epidemic and to protect the health of all passengers, we suggest that passengers who need to travel in the near future carefully read the following precautions.


I. Please wear the mask throughout the whole journey and do not expose your mouth or nose.


II. Entry Requirements

 (1) For all passengers whose entry time is after 0:00 (inclusive) on April 29, 2023, please take a nucleic acid test or antigen Rapid Test (ART, including ART home testing kit) 48 hours before boarding. Those with negative results can come to China and fill in the customs health declaration card with the results. If tested positive for COVID-19, the relevant personnel should come to China only after turning negative. In order to avoid any travel delays and disruptions, Passengers can pay attention to the official websites of the embassy and consulate as well as the relevant notice of Xiamen Airlines.

 (2) Declaration Channels

Passengers can fill in the Exit/Entry Health Declaration Card of the People's Republic of China through the following three ways

1. The WeChat applet "Customs Passenger Fingertip Service";


2. “China Customs" APP;

3.   Web version   or long press the following QR code to enter


III. Entry Quarantine

After entering the country, nucleic acid testing will no longer be implemented for all personnel. Those who have normal customs health declaration and no abnormality in routine quarantine at customs ports, can travel normally. Those with abnormal health declaration or fever and other symptoms will be antigen tested by the Customs. If tested positive for COVID-19, home isolation, residential isolation or self-care can be adopted. If tested negative for COVID-19, the customs shall carry out routine quarantine in accordance with the law and regulations.


IV. Exit-Related Epidemic Prevention Requirements

Overseas countries and regions have successively issued relevant epidemic prevention regulations for inbound passengers. Please pay close attention to the epidemic prevention policies of your destination countries and regions and make the necessary preparations so as not to delay your journey.


At present, the international epidemic is still not over, and the optimization and adjustment of measures for personnel exchanges between China and foreign countries does not mean the relaxation of epidemic prevention. The individual is the first person responsible for his or her own health. Please pay attention to the epidemic situation, pay attention to your health, adhere to scientific epidemic prevention, strengthen personal protection and reduce the risk of infection. Xiamen Airlines will pay close attention to the development of the epidemic situation, adjust the relevant flight policies in time according to the national policies and the needs of passengers, and provide safe and reassuring services for passengers. Thank you for your understanding and support!