Flight Service Irregularrities

Flight service irregularities

1. According to the requirements of the Bureau, flight delays or cancellations information must be announced.

2. For flight delays or cancellations that result from Xiamen Airlines operations, Xiamen Airlines will: 

(1) provide free meals;

(2) provide books and other items for entertainment and leisure;

(3) provide communications assistance to passengers in need;

(4) for delays that last more than three hours, free accommodation services will be provided to passengers, with the elderly, sick, and pregnant passengers, passengers traveling with young children, unaccompanied children and passengers with other special needs guaranteed priority;

(5) if a delayed flight arrives at the destination airport after the flight schedule ends and there is no public transportation, ground transportation should be arranged to assist passengers, according to the situation;

(6) For flight delays of four hours or longer, financial compensation should made to passengers (including infants and children).

3. For flight delays that are caused by reasons such as weather, emergencies, air traffic control, security checks, passengers’ late arrival and all other reasons beyond the control of Xiamen Airlines, Xiamen Airlines can assist passengers who would like to arrange accommodations for  the period of the delay or who would like to cancel a flight from the departure airport. All costs associated with these services must be paid by the passengers themselves.

4. When a flight is delayed or cancelled at an alternate or stopover airport for any reason, Xiamen Airlines shall provide accommodations for passengers according to actual situations.

Proof of delay

Passengers, who require evidence of a flight irregularity, can apply for proof of flight irregularity though the on-site service counters in the terminal building, a direct sales agency or on the Xiamen Airlines website.