Overbooking of Flights

Some passengers may cancel their travel plans after making a reservation without informing the airline, which results in unused seats on flights. To meet the travel needs of more passengers and avoid flying with empty seats, airlines may practice appropriate overbooking on some flights that are prone to cancellations. This practice is beneficial to both passengers and airlines and is a common practice in the international aviation industry.

Overbooking does not necessarily mean passengers who purchased tickets will not be allowed to board. For most overbooked flights, passengers with valid tickets will be allowed to board. However, in some cases there may be a few passengers who will be asked to take a later flight.

When the number of passengers who check in at an airport for a flight exceeds the number of seats on the aircraft, Xiamen Airlines will assign seats according to the time that passengers arrive at the check-in counter. Important passengers who check in late or sick passengers who need to take this flight for medical reasons have priority.

Passengers who booked seats, bought tickets, arrived at the check-in counter prior to the close of check-in and hold the required travel documents, who are denied boarding due to flight overbooking, will be rebooked on a later Xiamen Airlines flight. Xiamen Airlines will waive any change fees and may compensate the passengers for part of the costs related to the delay, or take other measures.

Xiamen Airlines Co., Ltd.

June 18, 2007