“Bamboo Garden in Clouds” Green Cabin Supplies implemented by Xiamen Airlines

“云端竹园”绿色客舱用品全套用品 (张雷 摄)_imagecp.jpg

Starting from October 1st, the “Bamboo Garden in Clouds” green cabin supplies will be officially implemented on the flights of Xiamen Airlines departing from Xiamen, Fuzhou, Quanzhou and Tianjin towards destinations including Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. The complete series of supplies include paper cups, food containers, napkins, air-sickness bags, gift bags and coasters all made of bamboo pulp. Once again, Xiamen Airlines takes the lead in the industry to promote energy protection, emission reduction and encourage green travel with no efforts spared. According to statistics, this series of green cabin supplies will save up to 31290 trees of about 20 years old each year. Calculated on the basis of 33.3 trees per mu of land, it is equivalent to a rise of over 939 mu of wooden land per year.

As early as March 2018, Xiamen Airlines already replaced all paper products on board with safer and more comfortable environment-friendly bamboo pulp paper, which received positive feedbacks from many passengers. Based on this experience, Xiamen Airlines have continued to explore the possibilities of “green updates” for more supplies, even though the disposable plastic cups originally used onboard are already degradable. Nevertheless, unlike napkins, many problems remained to be solved for bamboo pulp paper cups in terms of cost and safety, which explained why paper cups are used by limited amount airlines companies. For the smooth development of new series of cabin supplies, the R&D team repeatedly visited and investigated the supply chain and production line, and ultimately ensured that all raw materials are 100% food-grade natural bamboo, with no fluoresce or bleacher added during the production process.

Later, new series of cabin supplies will gradually be adopted on all domestic flights of Xiamen Airlines, to bring green and healthy travel experience to more passengers.