Latest Policies on Boarding and Entry into Thailand

Dear Passengers,

1. According to Thai government notice, the following entities are allowed to enter Thailand:

(1) Thai nationals.

(2) Individuals directly permitted, exempted, or invited by the Prime Minister or government of Thai.

(3) Individuals of diplomatic or consular missions, international organizations, government representatives, foreign government agencies working in Thailand, or other international agencies permitted by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and their family members, including their spouses, parents and children.

(4) Non-Thai national who is spouse, parent, or child of a Thai national.

(5) Non-Thai nationals holding a valid certificate of permanent residence in Thailand, and their family members.

(6) Non-Thai nationals holding work permits or having granted permission from Thai government agencies to work in Thailand, and their family members.

(7) Non-Thai nationals studying at an educational institution approved by Thai authorities, and their parents or legal guardians. Except for students in informal or other similar private educational institutions.

(8) Non-Thai nationals who need medical treatments non-related to COVID-19 in Thai, and accompanying persons.

(9) Other individuals holding the following visa categories: Thailand Elite Visa, APEC Card, Non-Immigrant Visa O-A, Non-Immigrant Visa O-X, Tourist Visa (TR Visa), Thai Non-Immigrant Visa-B (Business), and Thailand Special Tourist Visa (STV).


2. Passengers meeting  the above conditions should apply for the COE at After PRE-APPROVED, passengers may purchase tickets. For specific instructions and application materials needed, please refer to or consulting local Thai embassy and consulate in China.

3. Passengers are required to present the following documents at the check-in counter according to their category, Boarding will not be granted if the documents are incomplete or fail to meet the requirements.

(1) Certificate of Entry (COE) to Thailand;

(2) Fit-to-Fly Certificates for Travel;

(3) Proof of negative COVID-19 test result by reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) test issued no more than 72 hours prior to departure;

(4)  Hotel booking for Quarantine;

(5) A medical insurance policy with an amount of not less than $100,000 that can be used to cover COVID-19 treatment expenses during a stay in Thailand.

(6) Confirmation letter of quarantine hospital, list of accompanying personnel (if needed).



Xiamen Airlines Co., Ltd.                              

November 12, 2020