Important Notices for Singapore Entry

Dear Passengers, 

In accordance with the epidemic prevention requirements of Singapore government, passengers entering Singapore should conduct relevant information tracking designated by the government. As from today, all passengers entering Singapore are required to comply with the following rules:

I.As from today, all passengers holding an Air Travel Pass (ATP) are required to install the TraceTogether APP to activate and accurately fill up the report chart. Children under the age of 12 traveling with a parent or guardian, passengers with a proven inability to use mobile phones, or passengers with special needs are exempted (proof required).

II.Passengers unable to download and activate the APP can visit Changi Airport Website: for mobile phone rental procedure. Passengers landing in Singapore must first go to “Changi Recommends” to collect their phones, and download and activate the TraceTogether APP. Passengers are not allow to head to the Immigration for customs clearance until the above has been handled.

III.Other matters not covered herein can be consulted online at

Xiamen Airlines is entitled to reject the boarding in accordance with the epidemic prevention requirements of Singapore government if passengers fail to present APP activation information or rental certificate before departure. The relevant ticket shall be subject to the rules of voluntary refund and change. In case of Singapore entry refusal due to information forgery or conceal, passengers shall bear their repatriation costs.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation!


Xiamen Airlines Co., Ltd.

November 10, 2020