Inauguration of Northern Headquarters, the Second Headquarters of Xiamen Airlines


On August 6, Xiamen Airlines hold in Beijing a symposium on “Promoting Regional Synergy & Contributing to Stability” and “Starting the Construction of Xiamen Airlines Northern Headquarters”. The symposium was held to draw upon all useful opinions and to discuss new measures and ideas for market boosting and social confidence, promoting synergetic development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei under new circumstances of further strengthening the nation with the civil aviation development and normalizing epidemic prevention and control.

The northern headquarters of Xiamen Airlines was inaugurated at the symposium. By integrating the resources of the headquarters, Beijing, Tianjin division, Hebei and Jiangxi Airlines under the company, Xiamen Airlines will fully implement the construction of its northern headquarters, promoting the regional synergy of civil aviation, strengthening the nation by developing civil aviation, serving the synergetic development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, and contributing to the establishment of a new development pattern with domestic and international goals.

The northern headquarters was inaugurated in the presence of various authorities including Yang Bin (Deputy Mayor of Beijing), Hu Zhenjiang (Deputy Director of Civil Aviation Administration of China), Wang Youguo (Deputy Secretary and Head of Daxing District), Liu Feng (Party Secretary of North China Regional Administration of CAAC), Yao Yabo (Deputy General Manager of Capital Airports Holding Company and General Manager of Daxing International Airport), Wen Xuezheng (Deputy Director of Air Traffic Management Bureau of CAAC), Board Chairman and Party Secretary of Xiamen Airlines Zhao Dong, and  Wang Zhixue(General Manager and Deputy Party Secretary of Xiamen Airlines) along with Entrepreneur representatives of Fujian Chamber of Commerce and relevant civil aviation enterprises representatives.  

The establishment of the northern headquarters of Xiamen Airlines is an important measure for implementing important instruction about the synergetic development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei and serving the national regional development strategy stated by the General Secretary Xi, as well as a new attempt of Xiamen Airlines to actively cope with the challenges brought by COVID-19 and realizing its high-quality transformation.