Passport and Visa Information


You will need a passport or an equivalent international travel document that is valid to prove your identity for the full duration of your trip. Many countries additionally require that your passport is valid for three to six months beyond your trip. We strongly recommend you visit the IATA Travel Centre site to check the passport validity requirements of your destination.


You may need a visa or an equivalent form of authorization for every country you enter, depending on your nationality and the purpose of your trip. Even if you are only changing flights at a country, you may need a visa. We strongly recommend you visit IATA Travel Centre for information on visa requirements.

Check your passport, visa and health requirements

To find out the requirements and the application process, contact the local consulate of your destination country. You can also visit the IATA Travel Centre site for information on passport, visa and health requirement.

IATA Travel Centre site (

For details of travel documents and visa policy, please consult the exit and entry administration authorities of China in advance.