Xiamen Airlines’ Cabin "Care" Service Having New Members

Xiamen Airlines' Cabin "Care" Service Having New Members

Following the "baby bib", Xiamen Airlines' cabin "care" feature service products have two new members now – the "Four Seasons Birthday Card Series" and "Storage Card for Passengers' Items", which were formally introduced for use in cabin a few days ago and are warmly welcomed by passengers once introduced.

The "Four Seasons Birthday Card Series" are now officially delivered to all on-board passengers having birthday. This card features simple and decent designs and is divided into four season's series by spring, summer, autumn and winter, to offer passengers different visual experience in each season.

To facilitate the cabin crew to well manage passengers' products kept in storage, the newly launched "Storage Card for Passengers' Items" is divided into the upper part and the lower part. The upper part can be posted or attached to the goods in storage, and the lower part is to be kept by the passengers themselves. This provides a basis for passengers to have their items stored and also helps cabin crew to return the items to the passenger accurately.