The First Chartered Plane Nationwide to Deliver Living Supplies To Wuhan

Published: Feb 13th, 2020

To guarantee the medical material for the front-line medical workers, relieve their worries and ensure their safety and health, Fujian Province and Xiamen City hurried to prepare living supplies and necessities before the strong cold wave coming. Xiamen Airlines sent them to the front line of the epidemic area at the first time. After accepting the task, Xiamen Airlines immediately held a multi-department meeting to make work arrangements. Zhao Dong, chairman of Xiamen Airlines, and Wang Zhixue, President of Xiamen Airlines, went on board to inspect and deployed work to the crew.

At 11:40 a.m. on February 13, MF8779 chartered flight landed in Wuhan Tianhe Airport. The plane, carrying a total of 1,648 pieces and weighing 11,259 kg of living supplies and necessities, arrived in Wuhan together with the accompanying 8 provincial and municipal health system staff. It is worth mentioning that this flight is the first charter flight nationwide to deliver the living supplies and necessities for the medical team in Hubei Province.

Among the materials transported this time, there are not only clothing and personal items of medical staff, but also life support materials and medical materials donated by Fujian enterprises. In the next few days, when the cold wave comes, the temperature in Hubei Province will drop suddenly. These materials are what they need most at present. Among them, Xiamen Airlines sent 40 cases of life support materials for medical workers in Wuhan, including 16,000 packages of nuts and preserved fruit, pickled mustard, hot sauce, etc. On behalf of the home enterprises, we sent condolences to the "soldiers" of Fujian Medical Assistance team in Hubei Province, and also let the medical team fight in the front line without worries.