Xiamen Airlines Takes The Lead In Response To Pick Up Stranded Overseas Hubei Passengers Home

Published: Jan 31st, 2020

On January 31, foreign ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said, "in view of the practical difficulties that Chinese citizens in Hubei, especially in Wuhan, have encountered overseas, the Chinese government has decided to send chartered flights to take them back to Wuhan as soon as possible."

On the same day, Xiamen Airlines took the lead in responding to the unified deployment of the country and actively cooperated with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. According to the requirements of the Civil Aviation Administration, Xiamen Airlines decided to carry out two special flights, one from Bangkok, Thailand, and the other from Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia, to transport nearly 200 local passengers of Hubei nationality back to Wuhan.

After receiving this task, Xiamen Airlines attaches great importance to it. Sufficient preparations have been made in safety, epidemic prevention and other aspects to ensure that these passengers are safely taken back to China and that the personnel involved in the flight tasks are well protected. We chose crew withexcellent professional quality to carry out the flight, and guide and train them to be fully armed for self-protection.In addition to 4 boxes of masks for passengers, the flight crew members are also equipped with a sanitation and anti-epidemic package to deal with special situations that may occur on the flight. In addition, professional doctors and nurses dispatched by Xiamen Health Committee followed the flights to further strengthen the anti-epidemic force on board.

At 13:17 and 13:32 p.m., the two planes took off from Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport. Around 16:30 p.m., the two planes smoothly arrived almost at the same time. Seeing Xiamen Airlines' planes, the Hubei compatriots in the airport burst out with warm cheers. At 17:56 and 18:55 p.m., two planes flew from different countries to the same destination — Wuhan. During the flight,  passengers shouted: Stay strong, Wuhan! Stay strong, China!