Xiamen Airlines Strives to Guarantee Flights to Europe, America and Australia

Published: Feb 7th,2020

At present, the aviation market is facing severe challenges. In order to meet the travel needs  between China and other countries, Xiamen Airlines actively fulfills its social responsibilities and makes decisions to ensure  flight services with major cities in various countries and regions. It is worth mentioning that Xiamen Airlines adheres to the principle of continuous flights from Xiamen and Fuzhou to Europe, the United States and Australia. The Fuzhou-New York route reserves two flights per week, Xiamen-Qingdao-Los Angeles two flights per week, Xiamen-Vancouver two flights per week, Xiamen-Sydney three flights per week, and Xiamen-Amsterdam two flights per week.

As we all know, the operation cost of intercontinental Airlines is quite high. It is understood that calculated with only the variable costs of fuel and operation, excluding fixed costs such as aircraft purchase and personnel salaries, each flight needs to be invested at least 1.5 million yuan. At the same time, the United States, Australia and other countries have recently issued strict temporary epidemic prevention measures to restrict the entry of personnel with Chinese travel history, which has resulted in a sharp decrease in the number of passengers in the aviation market of China, the United States and Australia, and a sharp increase in market operating pressure.

Fujian is a famous hometown of overseas Chinese. In order to ensure the normal exchange between overseas Chinese in the United States and the smooth communication channels between Fujian Province and the United States, at this node, Xiamen Airlines "goes in the opposite direction" to ensure the normal operation of four flights between China and the United States every week.

In addition to the China-US route, Xiamen Airlines also ensures the continuous operation of flights between Fujian and Amsterdam, Vancouver, Sydney. Flights to-and-from Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Manila and Phnom Penh in Southeast Asia, flights to-and-from Tokyo, Osaka and Seoul are not interrupted as well.