32nd Safe Year & 30 Profit Years for Xiamen Airlines

At 23:48 o’clock on December 31, 2016, MF8432 flight departed from Chengdu to Xiamen safely landed at Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport. With its landing, Xiamen Airlines successfully completed 2016 flight tasks, achieving the 32nd safe year of airline transportation.

Xiamen Airlines accomplished 456,000 hours of safe flight in total and 206,000 taking-off and landing times, accumulating a safe flight of 3.903 million hours, and continuously guaranteeing fight safety of 372 months and aviation security of 276 months. A transport turnover of 3.59 billion kilometres, passenger capacity of 23.728 million, and cargo and mail transport volume of 220,000 tons are completed, having made profit for 30 consecutive years. Three new intercontinental routes to Melbourne, Vancouver and Seattle enabled full coverage of route network in Asia, Europe, America, and Oceania. Transit rate of international passengers through Fujian hub increased 59.7%. Service for the G20 summit has been successful offered, presenting first-class service standard in the industry. As China’s first enterprise in service industry and only one in civil aviation industry, Xiamen Airlines has won the highest official honour in domestic quality field of “Chinese Quality Award”, becoming a name card and quality benchmark for Chinese civil aviation and service industry. The newest introduced 787-9 “BRICS Dream” will soon serve the 9th meeting of leaders from BRIC countries in Xiamen, promoting Xiamen Airlines’ upgrading from a “name card of city” to a “name card of nation”.