38 New Routes & 7 Flight Spots Increased by Xiamen Airlines

The summer-autumn flying season extends from March 26 to October 28. In the new flight season, Xiamen Airlines will add other 14 B737-800 airplanes, and introduce two new B787-9 airplanes separately in April and September. Combining passenger capacity changes and market characteristics, Xiamen Airlines plans to open 38 new routes, and optimize the 17 routes and increase the flight frequency of 7 routes. The newly increased route will cover seven cities like Los Angeles, Yantai, Shiyan and Xinzhou.

In the new flight season, Xiamen Airlines will establish Harbin base for overnight, by which Xiamen Airlines optimizes the route of Xiamen - Nanjing - Harbin as overnight flight. This measure is benefit to earn more resources at peak time in Harbin, as well as to the connection of long distance flight route from south to north for transfer passengers. In addition, Xiamen Airlines also plans to open 27 new domestic routes like Xiamen-Yantai-Harbin, Xiamen-Shiyan and Xiamen-Nanjing-Xinzhou, and will increase the frequency of 7 routes including Xiamen-Lanzhou, Hangzhou-Shenzhen and Changsha-Chongqing. Given the feature of the new flight season, Xiamen Airlines has also optimized 13 domestic routes.

In the new flight season, targeting at the market demand in Southeast Asia, Xiamen Airlines will start 11 new international routes like Xiamen-Los Angeles, Fuzhou-Cebu, and Quanzhou-Cebu, among which the Xiamen-Los Angeles route is expected to start in June, 2017. For domestic route optimization, Xiamen Airlines will change the route of Dalian-Xiamen-Bangkok and Fuzhou-Bangkok to Xiamen-Bangkok, Dalian-Fuzhou-Bangkok, and change Xiamen-Kuala Lumpur and Hangzhou-Fuzhou-Kuala Lumpur to Hangzhou-Xiamen-Kuala Lumpur and Qingdao-Fuzhou-Kuala Lumpur. The whole change facilitates passengers in the north of China.