Xiamen Airline Assists Newborn Delivery Safely

On March 7, a pregnant lady boarding MF8229 flights in Tianjin attracted the attention of the crew head Gu Juan. According to the lady’s medical receipt taking with her, she had been pregnant for 29 weeks. Gu Juan asked the lady and her families filled in the application for special passengers, and repeated to her that crew head should be informed immediately in case of any discomfort.

At 12 o'clock, the plane took off as scheduled. But at 14:20, the pregnant lady stated that she was suffering from chest stuffy and pain in belly. When informing this to the captain, Gu Juan moved the lady to the business class and started looking for doctors in the air. Unfortunately, no doctor or nurse was on board at the flight. By that time, there was still one hour’s flying to the destination Urumqi. The captain assessed the distance of the Dunhuang Airport, the nearest one at that time, and decided to continue the fly to Urumqi.

At 14:40, the mother-to-be had sustained pain. Gu Juan drew the curtains, and commanded the stewardesses to prepare necessities for baby delivery and the available emergency medical equipment on board. Meanwhile, the captain notified ground workers to arrange the nearest landing position as well as doctors to make preparation.

The lady was laid down on ground with all blankets spread as mat. And the crew manual was used to record all the steps taken according to their previous training. On 15:30, a beautiful baby girl was born safely. After patting her back and the baby having spitted the water, the loud crying from the baby wrapped with blankets and jacket of stewardess could be heard by everyone. Only at that time, Gu Juan breathed out deeply for relief.

When the flight landed on 15:48, the doctor boarded quickly to conduct maternal examination, and take medical measures with the infant umbilical cord.

No passengers know that the three female stewardesses are all born after 1990s and all unmarried, and this is the first time for they to witness the birth of a little baby.