Notice on the Suspension of Transporting Passengers Originating from Some Countries and Transferring to China

Dear Passengers,

Due to the epidemic prevention and control, effective from 12th May, 2021 (flight date), Xiamen Airlines will temporarily suspend the transport of China-bound passengers travelling from the following countries via a third country (by whichever means of transportation they travel to the transit points).




Bangladesh (BD), Indonesia (ID), India (IN), Iraq (IQ), Iran(IR), Kuwait (KW), Kazakhstan (KZ), Myanmar (MM),Nepal (NP), The Philippines (PH), Saudi Arabia (SA), Turkey (TR), Armenia (AM), Oman (OM), Jordan (JO), Israel (IL), Pakistan (PK), UAE (AE), Maldives (MV), SriLanka (LK), Afghanistan (AF), Laos (LA), Kyrgyzstan(KG), Uzbekistan (UZ)


Russia (RU), Bulgaria (BG), Bosnia and Herzegovina (BA), Moldova (MD), Albania (AL), Republic of Montenegro (ME), Guadeloupe (GP), Martinique (MQ), Germany (DE),Spain (ES), Switzerland (CH), Serbia (RS), Hungary (HU)


Democratic Republic of the Congo (CD), Ethiopia (ET),Kenya (KE), Niger (NE), Nigeria (NG), Chad (TD), Guinea(GN), Tanzania (TZ), Uganda (UG), Morocco (MA),Algeria (DZ), Libya (LY), South Africa (ZA), Mauritania(MR), Egypt (EG), Zambia (ZM), Ghana (GH), Senegal(SN)

North America

The Dominican Republic (DO), Guatemala (GT)

South America

Argentina (AR), Brazil (BR), Chile (CL), Colombia (CO),Paraguay (PY)

* Maldives (MV), Sri Lanka (LK), Afghanistan (AF), Laos (LA), Kyrgyzstan(KG) and Uzbekistan (UZ) are newly added to the list, updated on 12th May, 2021.

Your understanding and cooperation is much appreciated. If you have booked Xiamen Airlines flights during this period, please apply for a refund at the original place where you bought the tickets. Thank you! 


Xiamen Airlines

11th May, 2021