Check-in Procedures

The Check-in Counters in Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport are open for all flights operated by Xiamen Airlines. For domestic flights check-in counters are usually opened no later than 90 minutes before scheduled departure time and closed 30 minutes before departures.For international flights check-in counters are usually opened no later than 120 minutes before scheduled departure time and closed 40 minutes before departures.


Check-in Counters Open to All Flights

For your convenience and safety, Xiamen Airlines provides “Check-in Counters Open to All Flights” service in the domestic departure hall at Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport. You may check in for any of Xiamen Airlines’ domestic flights originating from Xiamen at any of the counters in Check-in Concourse A during the check-in period for your intraday flight. It saves passengers’ time and makes pre-flight processing smooth. Please read the following regulations carefully to avoid any inconvenience before departure.

Security Check

Before boarding the aircraft, passenger and their baggage must go through security check.

Passenger Insurance

Passengers may decide at their discretion to purchase flight insurance through third party insurance companies. The payment of a premium for this insurance does not constitute a waiver of any liability or reduce any compensation limits of Xiamen Airlines in the event of an aviation accident.

Rules for Boarding

If you fail to arrive at Xiamen Airlines’ check-in counters or at the boarding gate on time, or fail to present a valid ID certificate, ticket or boarding pass, or fail to board the aircraft for any personal reason, Xiamen Airlines may cancel the seat you booked in order to avoid flight delays. Xiamen Airlines is not liable for any losses or expenses which may result from such cancellations.