Transit Service Products for International/Regional Connecting Flights

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Transfer Lounge Products

Transfer Lounge Products

I. Product Content        

Transit Type

Applicable Transit 

Connection Time

Inapplicable Class

Applicable Transit Locations

International and Regional Transit

2-24 hours

Points Redemption Class (X, O Class)

Courtesy Redemption Class (E Class)



1.Passengers on connecting flights, where one leg is an international or regional route, meeting the above conditions, and both legs are on the same ticket, can apply for the complimentary transit lounge service product.

2.The transit lounge is located outside the airport quarantine area. Xiamen 24-hour direct transit passengers who want to enjoy the transit lounge products need to go through immigration formalities at the Arrival hall before going to the transit lounge.

II. Applicable Conditions

1.Applicable Routes: Flights actually operated by Xiamen Airlines, Hebei Airlines, and Jiangxi Airlines only, including code-shared flights between Xiamen Airlines and Hebei Airlines, Xiamen Airlines and Jiangxi Airlines, as well as charter flights by Xiamen Airlines International Travel. Not applicable to other code-shared flights and charter flights other than those operated by Xiamen Airlines International Travel.

2.Domestic flights (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) are limited to Xiamen Airlines, Hebei Airlines, and Jiangxi Airlines flights, while international and regional flights are limited to Xiamen Airlines flights only.

III. Applicable flight date

Effective from July 10, 2023.

IV. Booking Process

1. Xiamen: Eligible passengers, with any boarding pass from their Xiamen Airlines transit journey and valid identification, may proceed to the "Xiamen Transit Lounge" on the basement level of the T3 Terminal at Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport. After verification, they can have a rest there.

2. Fuzhou: Eligible passengers should go to the Xiamen Airlines transit service counter in Fuzhou to collect their "Xiamen Airlines Transit Lounge Admission Slip". With this slip, they can have a rest in the "Airport Business VIP Rest Area (directly opposite Gate 5)" transit lounge on the second floor of Fuzhou Changle International Airport.

IV.Other Instructions

1. This product is for sole use of the said passenger and is non-transferable; the Transit Lounge product code and admission slip can only be used on the day of acquisition.

2. This product does not include any extra paid services within the Transit Lounge.

3. First class and business class passengers may also enjoy Xiamen Airlines' VIP lounge services in the exclusive airport area included in their ticket class while using this product.

4. Passengers who use this product cannot enjoy other free transit services.

5. Xiamen Airlines Transit Service Counter Locations

(1)Xiamen: Opposite Gate 7, 1st Floor, T3 Terminal, Gaoqi International Airport. Contact number: 0592-5710109.

2)Fuzhou: "Fuzhou Tourism Advisory Service Center (Click to see picture)", opposite to No. 8, Arrival Floor, 1st Floor, Changle International Airport Terminal Or "Fuzhou Airport Business Center (Click to see picture)", Contact number: 0591-28013497.

      6If the product rules are adjusted, the original product rules shall prevail.

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