Xiamen Airlines Policy for Minor Name or DOCS Corrections for International Tickets

Dear passengers:

Please follow the Xiamen Airlines (aka MF) policy to apply for minor name or DOCS corrections on Xiamen Airlines (731)-validated tickets for international flights (including flights to/from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan):

1. Free Services for Name or DOCS Corrections

a) The free services apply to name or DOCS corrections in the same PNR on Xiamen Airlines(731)-validated tickets for both FIT and GIT passengers traveling on MF operating international flights;

b) MF Customer Call Center and overseas offices are authorized to make such free corrections;

c) Each passenger can enjoy the free services once at most.

d) Only requests meeting the following criteria are eligible for free services:


Last Name/Family Name

First Name/Given Name

DOCS(ID Information)





To change the type of ID approved for travel,   including but not limited to passport, Exit-Entry Permits for Travelling to   and from Hong Kong/ Macao/Taiwan, Mainland Travel Permits for Hong   Kong/Macao/Taiwan Residents.




To correct the ID number, date of expiry, date of   birth, gender and/or nationality.

1) Not applicable to discounted infant fares. 
  2) For discounted child fares, pay attention to the age restrictions when   changing the date of birth.




Switching the ID number with other passengers’ in the same PNR.


Minor spelling corrections of up to 4 characters to   the last name or to the first name shown on a ticket.


Corrections to the last name and the first name at   the same time are not permitted.


Addition or deletion of the middle name.



Switching first, middle and/or last names on a   ticket.



Changing the last name from the maiden name to the   married name and vice versa, or adding the married name.



Corrections to duplicate names, such as   Almina/Almina (only 1 name but key in twice) or Zhang San/Zhang San, for   online reservation.



Addition/deletion/change of titles like MR or MS.


Malaysian passenger who needs to add BIN+Family Name   or BINTI+Family name


For example, the passenger wants to change the name   from ABDUL SAMAT to ABDUL SAMAT BIN SULEIMAN.

2. Other Services for Name corrections

a) The following services are not applicable to GIT passengers. If you are a GIT passenger, please follow the group passenger rules.

b) If your requests meet the following criteria, Please book a new ticket with identical itinerary (If there is a price difference between the original ticket and the new ticket, you have to pay the price difference), then cancel the original reservation. After finishing your journey, you can ask the original ticketing agent for a full refund for the original ticket. When applying for full refund, please remind the original ticketing agent to remark your new ticket number in the refund application.

Eligible requests, provided that the ID number is correct:

 i. Correcting the name mistakes caused by differences of spelling rules in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland China.

 ii. Xiamen Airlines (731)-validated tickets for interline and/or codeshare flights operated by other airlines. For such tickets, if the mistakes meet the “Free Services” criteria.

 iii. Xiamen Airlines (731)-validated tickets for MF operating flights to/from the United States of America and Canada within 72 hours before departure. For such tickets, if the mistakes meet the “Free Services” criteria.

3. Notice

Please check your information carefully when you book the ticket. Voluntary refund rules will apply to Name or DOCS correction requests exceeding above criteria.

Xiamen Airlines