Transit Service Products for International/Regional Connecting Flights

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Transit accommodation products

Transit accommodation products

(I) Product content 

1. Take Xiamen Airlines "domestic + international" (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, the same below, allowed by V.V), "International + international" connecting transfer flights;

2. Take the connecting transfer flight between domestic section of Hebei airlines and international section of Xiamen Airlines; 

3. Passengers who meet one of the above conditions and transit in Xiamen, Fuzhou, Qingdao and Hangzhou with a transit connection time of 6-24 hours can apply for free transit accommodation products. This product is not applicable to some special passengers specified in Xiamen Airlines passenger regulations, and passengers booked in class G, Z, X, O and E (both applicable to Xiamen Airlines and Hebei Airlines). 

(II) Applicable routes 

Only the flights actually carried by Xiamen Airlines and Hebei airlines, including those with code sharing between Xiamen Airlines and Hebei airlines, are not applicable to charter flights and other code sharing flights. Among them, Qingdao only transfers to "Qingdao - Los Angeles" route, and Hangzhou only transfers to "Hangzhou - Melbourne" route. (Note: charter flights include Xiamen / Fuzhou - Cebu, Xiamen / Fuzhou - Siem Reap, Xiamen - Yangon, Xiamen - Jiuhua Mountain, Xiamen - Mandalay, Fuzhou - Sapporo, and Fuzhou - Fukuoka)

Ticket company

Flight number

Actual carrier company

Cabin in selected locations

Transit connection time

Whether entitled to transfer accommodation service or not?

Xiamen Airlines, Hebei airlines or other airlines



Xiamen Airlines


Xiamen Airlines

All spaces except G / Z / X / O / E

6 hours < connection time < 24 hours







Xiamen Airlines




Xiamen Airlines





Hebei Airlines (domestic) + Xiamen Airlines (International)

Xiamen Airlines (domestic) + Xiamen Airlines (International)



Xiamen Airlines (domestic) + Xiamen Airlines (International)

Hebei Airlines (domestic) + Xiamen Airlines (International)



(III) Predetermined process

1. After the qualified passengers arrive at Xiamen / Fuzhou / Qingdao / Hangzhou on the first flight, they can go to Xiamen Airlines transfer service counter to apply for free transfer hotel rest service.

2. The staff at the transfer service counter will judge the passenger information according to the transfer system, complete the hotel reservation according to the standard for the qualified passengers, and print the Transfer Passenger Check-in Form of Xiamen Airlines for the passengers. Passengers can go to the designated hotel to check in by themselves with this form. The hotel arrangement standard is as follows:

Passenger type

Hotel standards

Room standards

Economy class passengers

Economy class hotel

One standard room for two

Egret silver card, gold card, platinum card member passengers

Hebei Airlines silver and gold card member passengers

Traveller of elite and super elite members of Tianhe Alliance

Economy class hotel

Single room for one

Two compartment passenger

Egret black diamond card member passenger

Two cabin Hotel

Single room for one

Definition of two class passengers:

(1) International + International: passengers (excluding check-in counter upgrade and onboard upgrade) who actually purchase business class or first class tickets in one segment meet the conditions;

(2) Domestic + International: for passengers who actually purchase business class or first class tickets in the international segment (excluding check-in counter upgrade and onboard upgrade), there is no limit on the domestic segment.

3. In principle, the arrangement standard for economy class passengers is one standard room for 2 persons. Children under 10 years old (including) do not occupy the bed. In case of single number of passengers being arranged to the standard room, there is no need for passengers to make up the difference; if the passenger puts forward the demand of single stay or bed occupation for children under 10 years old (including), the staff shall inform the passenger to pay 50% of the settlement price of the hotel at the front desk to make up the difference. The difference making up prices of hotels are as follows:

Transit place

Compensation price (Yuan)




Changle: 135; Baixiang city and airport: 150





(IV) Other precautions

1. This product is only for the use of the passenger and cannot be transferred; the check-in is only valid on the day of arrival of the first flight. Chinese passengers who transfer to Xiamen must hold second generation ID card when staying in the hotel.

2. This product includes one night's stay in the hotel (including breakfast), but does not include other consumption in the hotel and ground transportation to and from the hotel. The passenger shall check out at the specified time. If the passenger requests to postpone check-out, the additional room fee shall be paid and settled by the passenger at the front desk of the hotel. The specific check-in and check-out time limit is as follows:

3. Check in before 06:00 and check out before 14:00;

Check in after 06:00 of the day and check out before 14:00 of the next day.

4. Passengers using this product shall not enjoy other free transfer service products.

5. For passengers who are entitled to the transit accommodation service products, the reserved spaces of the two connecting segments must meet the applicable space limits of the corresponding transit products at the same time.

6. For the passengers whose travel path is "domestic segment + Xiamen Fuzhou segment + International segment", among them, "domestic segment + Xiamen Fuzhou segment" belongs to domestic transit, and they are not entitled to any free transit service products at the transit place. "Xiamen Fuzhou segment + International segment" belongs to international transit; if the corresponding conditions are met, they can enjoy free transit service products at the transit place.

7. The address of Xiamen Airlines transfer service counter is as follows:

Xiamen transfer service counter: opposite to gate 7 on the first floor of Terminal T3 of Gaoqi International Airport. Tel: 0592-5710109

Fuzhou transfer service counter: in the "Fuzhou tourism consulting service center" next to gate 8 on the first floor of the terminal building of Changle International Airport. Tel: 18144002705.

Qingdao transfer service counter: ticket counter of Xiamen Airlines, island B, gate 2, domestic departure (2nd floor), Liuting International Airport. Tel: 0532-84710689.

Hangzhou transfer service counter: next to the ticket counter of Xiamen Airlines in gate 13 of Xiaoshan International Airport Terminal T3 for domestic departure. Tel: 0571-86665514.