Flight Reservation Certificate for Visa Application

Troubled by the visa application? Afraid to pay for flights before getting your visa? Great news! Xiamen Airlines can provide you with a flight reservation certificate for visa application. Chinese visa, Schengen visa, or British visa, just name it, we can all provide a valid flight reservation to help you with the visa application.



Price (EUR)

Single Person


Family Reservation (≤3 people)


The same price applies to children/infant and cannot be redeemed by Egret mileages.


How to Purchase:

Passengers need to contact Xiamen Airlines Amsterdam Office at ams@xiamenair.com or +31-207950868 to purchase and complete the payment before visa application.


Product Conditions:

1. This product can be used to reserve Xiamen Airlines-operated or code-shared international flights.

2. This product is made only for visa application, and not for flights purchasing. The cost may not be be deducted from the actual booking.

3. After receiving the flight reservation certificates, passengers are responsible to collect the other documents and make the visa application on their own.

4. Xiamen Airlines cannot guarantee a successful visa application result. Passengers need to bear the consequence in case of a failed application.

5. Due to the limited validity period of a flight reservation, the actual class and flight can be different at the time of ticketing.

6. This product is not refundable. Passengers in need of voluntary or involuntary change service need to purchase a new certificate.