Hot & Hot Restaurant Discount Offier

Xiamen Airlines partners up with Hot & Hot restaurant to offer our passengers an exclusive discount. By presenting your valid boarding pass or itinerary, Xiamen Airlines’ passengers will receive a 10 EUR voucher* per person. 

Hot & Hot is a famous Sichuan restaurant in the Netherlands. There is a saying about the origin of hotpot. In the period of Three Kingdoms in China, a vessel called ‘wǔ shú fǔ’ appeared. The inner part of the bronze pot was divided into 5 sections in which a variety of raw food could be cooked in different boiling soup bases. Hence, the bronze tripod may be the earliest prototypes of the hot pot. The name of HOT &  HOT is inspired by the nature of hotpot that both the food and our body remain hot during the meal. With the mission to provide the best Sichuan hotpot in Europe, Hot & Hot is committed to using the freshest raw materials. Various soup bases enable customers to experience different flavors amazingly combined together such as hot spicy and umami, tender crisp and soft, fresh and strong. It couldn't be more relaxing and enjoyable than surrounding the hot and broth bronze pot while sharing your favorite food with friends and family!   

Xiamen Airlines invites you to enjoy the Sichuan cuisine at Hot & Hot restaurants. Vouchers can be collected and redeemed at both Hot & Hot restaurants till 31 December 2021. 

Hot & Hot Amsterdam Hobbemakade 


Address: Hobbemakade 63, 1071 XL Amsterdam

Telephone: +31-207798639

Hot & Hot Amsterdam Chinatown 

Address: Zeedijk 57, 1012 AS Amsterdam

Telephone: +31-202212245

Hot & Hot Rotterdam Meent 

Address: Goudsesingel 340A, 3011 KL Rotterdam

Telephone: +31-108469071

* Passengers need to present boarding pass or itineraries with flight dates after 18 July 2021 to collect the voucher. 1 voucher may be used for spending over 50 EUR, and 2 vouchers may be used for spending over 100 EUR. Maximum 2 vouchers may be used. 

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