Xiamen Airlines Beginning to Sell Duty-free Goods on Board

On August 16, Xiamen Airlines On-Board Duty-free Limited (hereinafter referred to as Xiamen Airlines Duty-free) began trying to sell duty-free goods in a flight on route Xiamen – Amsterdam; the operating income of the first round-trip flight achieved a breakthrough.

In the flight, Xiamen Airlines Duty-free introduced international and domestic renowned tobacco and wine products. With its business scale gradually expanding, it will introduce sweetening treatments, boutiques, luxury goods and brand-name products loved by passengers of various countries. These goods come from around the world; passengers can buy in Xiamen Airlines’ cabin as they want while enjoying the exemption of VAT, GST and customs duties, so the price is far less than the market price in the corresponding period. On-board duty-free goods are priced in RMB, USD and Euro, so passengers can pay in these three currencies when shopping. In the future, 0passengers can also book duty-free goods online prior to boarding and use credit card to pay on board. Featuring "price advantage", "quality guarantee" and "fashion design", on-board duty-free goods will bring "benefits" to "the cabin-shopping group".