Progress Report on Canada Accessibility Plan of Xiamen Airlines 2024

1. General

ü General Commitment

Xiamen Airlines will make every effort to accommodate a person with a disability and will not refuse to transport a person solely based on the person's disability, except as permitted or required by law. Xiamen Airlines complies with all applicable disability regulations, whether contained in the plan or not. Safety is our number one priority. Xiamen Airlines does not impose restrictions on customers with a disability except those permitted by law and necessary to ensure safe carriage of all customers. 

ü Customer Surveys & Feedback

² Mail: All Customer comments are welcomed and valued and will  help us to better serve all of our customers. Customers and members of the public may provide feedback on accessibility services and issues with Xiamen Airlines. To do so, customers may write to the attention of our Director of Service at the following address:

Service Quality Department, 321 Donghuang Road, Xiamen 361017, China

² Telephone: Customers who wish to provide feedback via telephone can do so via +86-592-2226666 or +86-592-5739009.

² Email: Customers who wish to provide feedback via email can do so via: or

ü Alternate Format

Members of the public may request an alternate format of Xiamen Airlines’ accessibility plan or a description of our feedback process. This request can be done by mail, telephone or email through the contact information provided above for each communication method. 

2. Information and communication technologiesICT

ü Website Accessibility

At Xiamen Airlines, we are dedicated to delivering the very best travel experience for all our customers. That is why we have invested in improvements to, to better assist anyone with specific auditory, visual or mobility needs.

Xiamen Airlines' international website is compliant with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 at Level AA standards. We have a dedicated team making continual improvements and ensuring new features are compliant. We are continually working to make our website accessible for all travelers, which includes the following:

² Full Keyboard Access - For non-sighted and limited mobility customers, all elements can be accessed using a keyboard.

² Alternative Content - To make it easy for website visitors with limited vision, offers text, transcripts, and captions in place of images, media or when style sheets are unavailable.

² Improved Colour Contrast - To make it easy for travelers with limited vision or colour blindness, leverages colour contrast to meet these needs.

ü Xiamen Airlines App 

Customers can use the Xiamen Airlines’ app to access detailed information about boarding times, flight delays, and flight adjustments. Xiamen Airlines’ app also provides customers with check-in counter details, as well as comprehensive information related to boarding gates and arrival gates. Customers can also add special service requests related to wheelchair assistance, and navigation assistance for the blind or deaf, within the Xiamen Airlines’ app. Additionally, in most cases, the colour contrast on Xiamen Airlines’ app pages is designed to facilitate readability for customers with limited vision or colour blindness.

Our mission is to provide our customers a barrier-free environment, whether at the gate, on board or at our ticket area.

ü Flight and Gate Information

At most airport locations, monitors display flight information at the gate and at check-in. Sign language is also available on the screen of the boarding gate in Xiamen. Xiamen Airlines personnel at the gate also provide verbal flight information including boarding announcements at the gate. Upon request, agents will provide visual announcement specifics in text or written form.

ü Identifying Barriers to ICT and Initiatives

Xiamen Airlines will review customer feedback received from those who require accessibility assistance for how the existing ICT could be improved to remove barriers. We will also conduct a review of our websites, mobile applications, and telecommunication and computer systems used by customers and our employees to improve websites and applications to enhance accessibility.

Xiamen Airlines has established guidelines and improved training of its staff for interacting with passengers with disabilities in order to create awareness for correct communication and correct provision of services. Xiamen Airlines continues to promote accessibility, alternate options and methods of communications, and improving communication by improving content that is simple and easy to understand.

3. Communication, other than ICT

ü Understanding Our Customers' Communication Needs

It is important for customers to advise Xiamen Airlines personnel how we can best assist them. Customers who identify as needing visual or hearing related assistance will receive prompt access to the same trip information as non-disabled customers, whether at the gate, ticket area, customer service desk or on board (provided it does not interfere with any critical safety duties). 

Xiamen Airlines trains airport personnel to recognize and respond appropriately to requests for communication assistance. This training includes using the most common methods for communicating with individuals who are deaf, or hard of hearing, that are readily available, such as writing notes. Xiamen Airlines personnel are also trained to establish a means for communicating with deaf-blind customers, when necessary. This may include reading an information sheet that a customer provides or communicating through an interpreter.

ü Reservation/Ticketing

Xiamen Airlines values our customers and believes people must be treated with dignity regardless of their disability. Customers with a hearing problem or dysphasia may contact Xiamen Airlines via email to receive the same prompt travel information as non-disabled customers. If they wish to make a booking, our customer service staff will happily assist with ticketing. 

Mobility impaired customers who wish to use wheelchair service are welcome to contact our customer service centre or ticketing office via telephone or email. Our friendly staff will apply the wheelchair service to their reservation accordingly. 

If a customer identifies the nature of their disability when making a reservation with our customer service staff, the staff member will engage in a dialogue with the person to identify their needs and the services offered by Xiamen Airlines in relation to those needs.

ü Onboard Safety Briefing

Before each takeoff, the cabin crew must brief the passengers on cabin safety via video or personnel demonstration. The demonstration will be provided in both Chinese and English. For any hearing-impaired passengers, the cabin safety briefing video will be provided with subtitles. As a supplement to the cabin safety briefing video and demonstration, “Safety Instructions” and “Notice to Passenger in Exit Seats” information cards are placed in convenient locations for the use of each passenger. Safety Instructions are provided with images, and text in both Chinese and English.

The cabin crew must provide an individual briefing to each passenger who may need assistance from another person to move rapidly to the exit in the case of an emergency. This briefing includes details on the passage to each approximate exit, the best time for evacuation and the most appropriate way to help the passenger in order to avoid further injury.

The cabin crew will provide supplementary information to deaf or hard of hearing passengers to ensure they have prompt access to all information the carrier provides to non-disabled customers.

4. Procurement of goods, services and facilities

Xiamen Airlines respects and pays attention to the travel needs of the person with a disability, and provides a convenient and high-quality supply chain for persons with disabilities around the world in compliance with IATA international standard agent service content. Xiamen Airlines strives to provide goods, services, and facilities to all of our customers without barriers. Accessible services and facilities provided at Xiamen Airport include wheelchair signage on ticket reservation, terminal full-flow wheelchair/guidance service, check-in & seat selection preference service, elevated platform trolleys, and cabin wheelchairs. Xiamen Airlines only uses a single terminal at the Vancouver Airport where all of its flights are boarded by the bridge, permitting easy access and boarding for all passengers including those who require mobility aids. At the Vancouver Airport, the barrier-free services and facilities provided include airport electric carts, airport wheelchairs, and cabin wheelchairs.

Xiamen Airlines is in the process of reviewing its procurement practices to address any accessibility procurement barriers and encourage the use of suppliers that can help Xiamen Airlines identify, remove, and prevent such barriers.

5. Design and delivery of programs and services

ü Navigation Through the Airport

When customers with disabilities self-identify to Xiamen Airlines personnel, prompt and timely enplaning and deplaning assistance will be provided upon request from properly trained airline personnel. This includes:

 Trained personnel and the use of ground wheelchairs, boarding wheelchairs and onboard wheelchairs, as needed.

 Assistance with transportation between gates to make connections and assistance with moving from the arriving flight to the curb for pick-up.

This assistance includes accessing key areas of the terminal such as the ticket counter or baggage claim, or to a restroom entrance (if time allows). If a person with a disability who is in a wheelchair or any other device in which the person is not independently mobile, Xiamen Airlines will provide the person with a place to wait that is close to members of personnel who are available to provide assistance and attend to the needs of the person from time to time or upon request. 

ü Traveling with Assistive Devices

Xiamen Airlines allows assistive devices as carry-on in the cabin free of charge consistent with safety rules. These recognized assistive devices will not count against the customer's carry-on limit. We permit priority in-cabin stowage and will make every reasonable effort to store the wheelchair on-board the aircraft. Manual wheelchairs that cannot be transported in the cabin must be transported in the cargo compartment consistent with safety and security requirements. Customers with disabilities can check-in one piece of assistive equipment for free. Xiamen Airlines accepts battery powered wheelchairs provided they fit in the cargo compartment and can be transported consistent with safety and security requirements. Xiamen Airlines provides for the check-in and timely return of mobility aids such as wheelchairs at the gate for use in the terminal. Xiamen Airlines permits the person to retain their mobility aid until it becomes necessary to store it and returns the mobility aid to the person on arrival at the destination without delay. Xiamen Airlines will publish in electronic format on its website information about the maximum weight and dimensions of mobility aids that each make, and model of its aircraft is capable of transporting.

Assistive Devices Permitted as Carry-on


Assistive Devices

Physical Disability




Folding wheelchairs



Hearing devices

Cochlear implant

Hearing aids


White cane



Visual aids

Blind glasses


ü Traveling with Service Dogs

1. Trained service animals are defined as only dogs specifically trained to assist a person with a disability, including an assistance dog, hearing dog or guide dog. During check-in, Xiamen Airlines requires customers traveling with service dogs to provide a quarantine certificate and an identification card to attest that the service dog has been individually trained by an organization or person to perform a task to assist the person with a disability with a need related to their disability. Service dogs are also requested to wear a mask and should be harnessed, leashed or tethered before boarding to prevent them occupying a seat or running freely on the aircraft. Consent needs to be obtained from the passengers seated nearby if the passengers with disabilities want to remove the mask of the service dogs. Service dogs must be in the passenger's control and must ensure that any urinating or defecating does not affect the cleanliness of the cabin. If, because of the size of the service dog, the passenger seat of the person with a disability does not provide sufficient floor space for the service dog to lie down at the person’s feet in a manner that ensures the safety and well-being of the dog and the person, Xiamen Airlines will provide to the person any passenger seat adjacent to their passenger seat that is needed to provide sufficient floor space for the service dog.

2. Xiamen Airlines allows a service dog to accompany a customer with a disability in the aircraft cabin unless:

² The dog poses a direct threat to the health or safety of others;

² The dog causes a significant disruption or misbehaves in the cabin or at an airport gate area;

² Carriage of the dog would violate a Chinese or foreign law that applies to the other applicable flight segments.

3. Xiamen Airlines may refuse transportation of a customer’s service dog based on an individualized and objective assessment of the dog that considers the nature of the risk and the likelihood that harm will, or will continue to, occur. The assessment also considers any potential mitigation before denying any legitimate service dog.

ü Allergy Buffer Zone

On the request of a person who has a disability due to a severe allergy, Xiamen Airlines will ensure that a buffer zone is established around the passenger seat of the person to assist them in avoiding the risk of exposure to the allergen.

ü Seat Arrangement

On the request of a person with a disability who needs more than one passenger seat because of the nature of their disability, Xiamen Airlines will provide to the person any passenger seat adjacent to their passenger seat that is needed by the person. Xiamen Airlines will provide specific seats to the customers with disabilities who identify to us as needing the seat, if the seat exists on the same class of service on the aircraft.

If a passenger requires the assistance of a support person for transport due to the nature of their disability, Xiamen Airlines will provide a passenger seat for the support person that is adjacent to the passenger seat of the person with a disability.

ü Priority Boarding

Xiamen Airlines permits a person with a disability, on request, to board in advance of other passengers if:

² the person has requested assistance with boarding, locating their passenger seat or cabin, transferring between a mobility aid and their passenger seat or storing carry-on baggage;

² in the case where the person is blind or visually impaired, the person has requested a description of the layout of the aircraft, or of the location and operation of operating controls at the person's passenger seat; or

² in the case where the person is disabled due to a severe allergy, the person has requested to clean their passenger seat to remove any potential allergens.

ü In-Flight Assistance

1. Our crewmembers want to ensure the safety and comfort of all customers on board. Xiamen Airlines cabin crew will assist passengers with using an onboard wheelchair, stowing, or retrieving carry-on items, identifying food on your meal tray, or opening packages.

2. Cabin crew are not required to assist in feeding or lavatory functions. They cannot lift or carry customers nor provide medical services such as dispensing medicine or giving injections. Passengers requiring this level of assistance are requested to consider purchasing a ticket for a care attendant or travel companion if they will need any of the above-described services.

6. Transportation

A shuttle service is available between Terminal 3 and Terminal 4 in the Xiamen Airport. This shuttle service may be used by any customers who require assistance accessing Xiamen Airlines’ services within the Airport. Our personnel are able to help direct customers to the shuttle service.

7. Built environment

ü Airport Designs

Large spacious ramps (sloped walkways) are built for equal access in the airport. A variety of seating and furniture is provided to suit individual needs and preferences with power access. The terminal signage gives direction and reassurance that you are heading to your destination. Accessible lavatories are available in the airport for customers with disabilities.

ü Aircraft Designs

All Boeing 787 aircraft of Xiamen Airlines flying to and from Canada are designed and equipped to provide comfortable transport of all passengers including those with disabilities. This includes the following features: 

² Onboard wheelchair specifically designed to transport passengers up and down aircraft aisles to and from onboard lavatories;

² One accessible lavatory on each aircraft for passengers with disabilities;

² Functions available for calling cabin crew for assistance; and

² Seats with moveable armrests.

8. Provisions of CTA accessibility-related regulations

Xiamen Airlines is subject to applicable sections of Part 2, Service Requirements Applicable to Carriers, of the Accessible Transportation for Persons with Disabilities Regulations (SOR/2019-244).The content and progress of the accessibility services provided by Xiamen Airlines in the Accessibility plan and progress report comply with the provisions of the CTA accessibility regulations.

9. Feedback Information

Xiamen Airlines has well-established systems and processes in place to collect and manage customer comments, suggestions and complaints. In the process of promoting the accessibility plan, we received requests from passengers with disabilities through the feedback process for simplifying the application procedures, optimizing the wheelchair check-in process and improving the accessibility services for boarding. Xiamen Airlines attaches great importance to this feedback. By organizing dedicated working groups, Xiamen Airlines has combined the needing point in the feedback with the company's service improvement strategy, and has formulated a series of detailed plans to promote the implementation of the accessibility plan.

10. Consultations

Xiamen Airlines maintains smooth communication with the Xiamen Disabled Persons Federation and regularly uses teleconferences to learn about the experience of passengers with disabilities traveling on Xiamen Airlines. In the first half of 2024, Xiamen Airlines conducted a consultation with the Xiamen Disabled Persons Federation on accessibility services. The consultation took the form of a teleconference to hear the views and suggestions of passengers with disabilities on travel facilitation, focusing on the urgent need for passengers with disabilities to simplify travel application procedures. Xiamen Airlines immediately organized a dedicated working group to optimize relevant service processes and simplify some flight application requirements. We will continue to take steps to encourage communication with customers who use our accessibility services and to better identify, reduce and remove travel barriers for customers with accessibility needs.