Notice to passengers(Domestic Carriage)


A reservation is deemed to be confirmed and valid provided that the payment is made by the passenger within the specified ticketing time limit as advised by Xiamen airlines, and the reservation is accepted by Xiamen Airlines or its authorized sales agents; otherwise, the reservation is deemed to be invalid.


Passengers should present a valid Resident Identity Card or other valid identification and fill in a "Reservation Form" in order to purchase a ticket. Foreign tourists, overseas Chinese, and residents from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan should fill in a "Reservation Form" and present valid passports, and other required documentation which may include Home Visit Permits, MTPs (Mainland Travel Permits for Taiwan Residents), travel documents or other valid identification issued by public security departments in order to purchase a ticket.

Child Fare ticket and Infant Fare ticket

A child aged over 2 years old and under 12 years old is charged 50% of the applicable full adult fare applied to the same flight and will be provided a separate seat. An infant aged under 2 years old is charged 10% of the full adult fare applied to the same flight without separated seat provided. If passengers travel with more than one infant, extra infant should purchase Child Fare ticket.

Change of a Ticket

Voluntary change of flight, date or class of service after ticket issuance is subject to Xiamen Airlines' applicable Conditions of Carriage, availability of seats and sufficient time before the flight to process the request. (Changes to group travelers’ tickets are covered by rules governing group travel.)

Ticket Refunds

Passengers can request a refund from Xiamen Airlines within the validity of a ticket. No charge for involuntary refund. Voluntary refund is subject to Xiamen Airlines’ General Conditions of Carriage and other applicable regulations. (Refunds for group travelers’ tickets are covered by rules governing group travel.)

Passengers with special needs and Limited carriage

Passengers with special needs are those who need special cares during a flight, or who may be transported only under certain conditions, including Important Passengers (VIPs), unaccompanied children, stretcher passengers, wheelchair passengers, pregnant women, patients, disabled passengers, criminal suspects or prisoners, infants, and others. Such passengers should make requests at the time of reservation. This service is only available at a ticketing office of Xiamen Airlines or a sales agent authorized by Xiamen Airlines. Acceptance for carriage of such passengers is subject to prior consent and necessary arrangement with Xiamen Airlines and relevant carriers in accordance with Xiamen Airlines’ and relevant carriers’ regulations. Due to safety, services, and technical reasons, Xiamen Airlines is entitled to limit the number of passengers with special needs on each flight.

Refusal of carriage

Xiamen Airlines may refuse carriage for any passenger or passenger's baggage for reasons such as safety or if, in the exercise of its reasonable discretion, Xiamen Airlines determines that the conduct, age or mental or physical state of the passenger is inappropriate for air transportation and might cause discomfort or anxiety among other passengers or involve any hazard of risk to himself or herself or to other persons or to property.

Special meals

Passengers may make request of a special meal at the time of reservation (at least 24 hours before the scheduled departure of their initial flight). Xiamen Airlines will notify the ticketing office of available types of special meals. Passengers, who make such request less than 24 hours prior to flight departure or after 16:00 on the day before flight departure, should note that the availability of the requested special meal is subject to further confirmation by Xiamen Airlines. The ticketing office will notify passengers of availability of such request.. Each passenger may request only one type of special meal.

Check - in and boarding

Check-in begins no later than 90 minutes before the scheduled flight departure time stated on the ticket by Xiamen Airlines and its authorized ground handling agents. Check-in counter is closed 30 minutes before flight departure (40 minutes for Haikou Meilan Airport,Kunming Changshui Airport,Zhengzhou Xinzheng Airport and Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport, 45 minutes for Shenyang Taoxian Airport,Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, Shenzhen Baoan Airport, Beijing Capital Airport, Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, and Shanghai Pudong Airport). With effect from December 1, 2009, the doors/boarding gates for all Xiamen Airlines flights are closed ten minutes before the scheduled departure time. Passengers are advised to arrive at the airport with sufficient time to complete check-in procedures with valid ticket and identification documents. If the passenger fails to arrive in time at Xiamen Airlines check-in counters or at the boarding gate or hold improper travel documents and not well-prepared for travel, Xiamen Airlines is entitle to cancel the seat reserved for the passenger in order to avoid any departure delay. Xiamen Airlines is not liable to the passenger for any loss or expense incurred by passenger's failure to comply with the above provisions.

Carry-on items

The weight of carry-on items for each passenger is limited to 5 kilograms. Two carry-on items are allowed for First Class passenger and one for Economy Class passenger. The dimensions of each carry-on item must not exceed 20×40×55 centimeters. Carry-on items exceeding maximum weight or dimensions above should be checked as checked baggage.

Free baggage allowance

Free baggage allowance for each adult-fare ticket holder or child-fare ticket holder is: 40 kilograms for First Class, 30 kilograms for Business Class and 20 kilograms for Economy Class. Infant has no baggage allowance.

Prohibited carry-on item or checked baggage

Passengers shall not include in his or her checked baggage or carry-on items any combustible, explosive, corrosive, toxic, or radioactive materials, polymeric substances, magnetic substances or other dangerous items. Passengers are not allowed to carry arms, controlled knives, sharp objects or lethal weapons when taking flights.

Items inappropriate in checked baggage

Passengers shall not include in checked baggage important documents, data, diplomatic pouches, securities, money, money orders, valuables, fragile or perishable items, and other items that should be closely monitored. Xiamen Airlines shall have no liability for the loss or damage of such items included in checked baggage beyond the liability that applies to normal checked baggage.

Services for flight irregularities

If, due to reasons caused by Xiamen Airlines, flights have to be cancelled, postponed or delayed, Xiamen Airlines shall provide passengers with food and accommodations free of charge. If due to reasons beyond the control of Xiamen Airlines including but not limited to weather, emergencies, air traffic control, safety and security or passenger himself, Flights has to be cancelled, postponed or delayed, Xiamen Airlines shall assist in arranging food and accommodation for passenger at his or her own expenses.

This Notice is only a partial extracts of Xiamen Airlines general conditions of domestic carriage and applicable Fare conditions.