Notice to Passengers(International Carriage)


Passenger may reserve a seat via Xiamen Airlines or its authorized sales agents and board flights by presenting a ticket with a confirmed seat. Passenger who has successfully reserved a seat should make payment within the specified ticketing time limit as advised by Xiamen airlines or mutually agreed, otherwise, the reservation may be cancelled.

Travel Documents

While checking in and processing outbound formalities, passenger must hold valid passports, visas and all other documents required by laws, regulations or orders of the countries concerned. Xiamen Airlines is not liable to passengers for losses or expenses incurred by passenger''s failure to submit the required documents, and Xiamen Airlines reserves the right to refuse the carriage of such passengers.


A ticket shall be used only by the passenger whose name is listed. Tickets shall not be transferred or altered, or they will become invalid and non-refundable.

Period of Validity

A ticket issued at normal fare is valid for carriage within one year from the date of commencement of travel or if no portion of the ticket is used, from the date of issue. A ticket issued at special fare is valid for carriage within the period subject to the conditions prescribed in Xiamen Airlines Regulations.

Fares and charges

Fares are applicable for carriage from the airport at the point of origin to the airport at the point of final destination; Fares do not include ground and marine transportation between airports and between airports and town terminals. Any taxes, fees or charges imposed by the government or other authorities, or by the operator of the airport, will be excluded and shall be borne by the passenger.

Loss of ticket

In case of loss of an unused ticket, the passenger should notice either Xiamen Airlines or its authorized agents in writing, including the date and place of purchase, valid identification, a certificate issued by local police authority, and other proof. Xiamen Airlines is not liable for any loss incurred by fraudulently refunded or used lost tickets before the passenger makes a loss report.


If for any reason, the passenger fails to travel on the itinerary stated on his or her ticket, he or she may request a refund from Xiamen Airlines under related regulations. Refunds can be made only at the place where the original ticket was issued or place authorized by Xiamen Airlines.

Check in and boarding

Acceptance for carriage of unaccompanied children, incapacitated passenger, pregnant women or passenger with any disease is subject to regulations of Xiamen Airlines and prior consent.

Carry-on items

The weight of carry-on items for each passenger is limited to 5 kilograms, and the dimensions of such item must not exceed 20×40×55 centimeters. Carry-on items exceeding maximum weight or dimensions above should be checked as checked baggage.

Free baggage allowance

For international flights operated by Xiamen Airlines the free baggage allowance will be determined either by weight or pieces. The free baggage allowance for flights to /from the United States or Canada will be calculated by the number of pieces. The free baggage allowance for flights to and from other regions and countries will be calculated by weight.

Baggage packing

All checked baggage must be packed and locked properly and tied up securely, so that it can endure air pressure change. The carrier may refuse to accept baggage not conforming to the packing requirements or the conditions of carriage; and not be liable for damage to such baggage.

Prohibited carry-on or checked baggage

Passengers shall not include the following items in checked baggage or carry-on items: any combustible, explosive, corrosive, toxic, or radioactive materials, polymeric substances, magnetic substances or other dangerous items. Passengers shall not carry items prohibited to exit, entry or transit and items of limited carriage by the applicable laws, regulations or orders of any country included in the passenger’s itinerary. Passengers are not allowed to carry arms, sharp objects or lethal weapons when taking flights. Passengers shall not include fragile or perishable items, money, jewelry, precious metals, silverware, negotiable papers, securities or other valuables, business documents, passports and other identification documents or samples in checked baggage. The carrier is not liable for losses incurred by passengers’ breaches of these provisions.

Items inappropriate in checked baggage

Passengers shall not include in checked baggage important documents, data, diplomatic pouches, securities, money, money orders, valuables, fragile or perishable items, and other items that should be closely monitored. Xiamen Airlines shall have no liability for the loss or damage of such items included in checked baggage beyond the liability that applies to normal checked baggage.


Xiamen Airlines'' liability for bodily injury of the passenger and damage or loss of checked baggage or carry-on items of the passenger is governed by relevant Conventions applied, including the "Warsaw Convention" signed on October 12, 1929, the "Hague Protocol" signed on September 28, 1955, and the "Montreal Convention" signed on May 28, 1999.


This Notice to Passengers (International Carriage) is an overview of the Xiamen Airlines General Conditions of International Carriage for Passengers and Baggage. In addition to comply with the General Conditions of Carriage, the passenger shall also abide by other rules and regulations prescribed by Xiamen Airlines under the government laws, as well as relevant provisions in laws, orders and regulations of related countries and regions.