General Conditions of Carriage for Cargo(Domestic Carriage)


General requirements

1.1 When consigning cargo, the shipper shall comply with all applicable national laws, governmental rules, orders or requirements, and applicable regulations of Xiamen Airlines concerning the packaging and carriage of cargo. If necessary, the shipper shall provide documents related to the consigned cargo and shall be responsible for the accuracy and truthfulness of the documents provided.

1.2 The shipper shall complete the Shipper’s Letter of Instructions and sign it or affix it with an official seal, and shall be responsible for the correctness of the description and statements about the cargo listed on the Shipper’s Letter of Instructions. Where the carrier or any third party for whom the carrier is responsible suffers any loss due to insufficiency, incorrectness or incompliance in such description or statement listed on the Shipper’s Letter of Instructions with regard to applicable regulations, the shipper shall assume all liability for compensation.

1.3 The cargo consigned by the shipper shall meet the following requirements:

a) the cargo is not prohibited from carriage by national laws;

b) the packaging of the cargo shall meet the requirements for air transport;

c) cargo that is restricted from consignment or requires special approval from public security, quarantine or other governmental agencies must be accompanied by valid proof that such agencies have approved the cargo for transport;

d) the cargo shall not compromise the safety of the aircraft, passengers or property and shall not disturb other passengers.

After customs clearance, the cargo recipient may complete the cargo collection formalities at the international business counter. The recipient shall submit an authorization letter if the cargo is addressed to a company, and must provide the correct name, valid ID card number the complete the bill of lading as well as the shipping list, and pay any required fees, such as storage fees.

1.4 Unless specified otherwise, Xiamen Airlines may refuse carriage of any shipment having a declared value in excess of the specified limit.

1.5 The shipper may arrange alternate consignment procedures for cargo requiring different conditions of carriage or cargo that is incompatible with other cargo to be shipped on a flight.


2.1 The Shipper shall ensure that the packaging of the consigned cargo will not be damaged, detached and/or leaking during the carriage , and will not cause damage to or contaminate the aircraft, equipment or other goods.

2.2 The shipper shall adopt appropriate materials for interior and exterior packaging based on the nature and the weight of the cargo and the transport environment and ensure that the packaging is suitable for air transportation. Appropriate packaging measures must be taken for precision equipment, fragile, vibration sensitive, pressure sensitive cargo and cargo that must be transported upright.

2.3 Dangerous goods, goods prohibited or restricted from carriage by the government, valuables, confidential documents or data must not be carried as cargo.

2.4 The packaging of consigned aquatic products and live animals shall be in compliance with the Civil Aviation Industry Standards of the People’s Republic of China.

2.5 Cargo carried by Xiamen Airlines’ passenger aircraft shall not be packed inside a straw bag or bundled together using a rope.

Labeling and Marks

3.1 Each package shall be marked with the airports of origin and destination, shipper’s and consignee’s name, address, telephone number and other transport instructions.

3.2 The shipper shall stick air carriage identification labels to the external packaging of each piece of consigned cargo according to its properties and the form specified in applicable national standards.

3.3 In case a used shipping container is reused, any irrelevant marks and labels on the external packaging must be removed.

3.4 Each piece of cargo consigned by the shipper must be accompanied b y a cargo carriage label for the carrier.

Measurement of Weight

4.1 The weight of the cargo is measured by gross weight, in kilograms (“kg”), and any fractions less than 1 kg are rounded off. If the weight of the cargo listed in an air waybill is less than 1 kg, its weight is counted as 1 kg.

4.2 The weight of any valuables is measured by actual gross weight and the minimum rounding unit is 0.1 kg.

4.3 Light cargo is measured based on the formula of 6,000 cubic centimeters equals 1 kg and the weight of all the cargo listed in an air waybill is calculated

Weight and Dimension

5.1 The weight of each piece of consigned cargo shall not exceed 80 kg, and the size shall not exceed 40cm×60cm×100cm. For cargo exceeding the weight and dimension limit, the carrier may determine the maximum allowed weight and dimensions according to routing, aircraft types, and the loading/unloading facilities at the departure, transfer and destination airports.

5.2 The sum of the length, width and height of each piece of cargo shall not be less than 40cm. The dimension of a package is measured at the longest, widest and highest points of the package, expressed in centimeters, and fractions less than 1 centimeter shall be rounded off.

Responsibilities of the Shipper and the Consignee

6.1 The shipper shall be liable for any damages caused by reason of the shipper’s violation of national laws, government regulations, orders or requirements or applicable regulations of Xiamen Airlines.

6.2 Where the cargo consigned by the shipper is not consistent with the air waybill, includes dangerous goods, or goods prohibited or restricted from carriage by the government, or the nature of the cargo is misreported or not reported, Xiamen Airlines may take the following actions:

a) reject the cargo at the airport of origin, withhold the freight charges and notify the shipper;

b) Suspend movement of the cargo at the airport of transfer, withhold the freight charges, notify the shipper and charge additional freight charges according to the actual flight segments delivered.

c) charge freight charges for the entire trip at the airport of destination.

d) Xiamen Airlines may report the matter to the relevant governmental departments if necessary.

6.3 The shipper shall be liable for any loss to Xiamen Airlines or any third party resulting from the shipper’s actions.

6.4 When the cargo is aggregated into a Xiamen Airlines unit load device (ULD), the shipper shall follow applicable Xiamen Airlines regulations. The shipper shall be liable for any damage which occurs as a result of the shipper’s violation of such regulations.


7.1 The consigned cargo shall be subject to the security check conducted by the carrier and relevant authorities. The cargo to be shipped within 24 hours as requested by the shipper shall be subject to a physical check or checked by a security check device.

7.2 Where deemed necessary, Xiamen Airlines may conduct a physical check of the consigned cargo and relevant documents and data, but Xiamen Airlines is not obliged to do so.