Cargo Consignment Instructions

Cargo Consignment:

To consign international cargo, the shipper shall ensure that the consignment complies with all the laws, regulations and decrees of the countries of origin, transit and destination and meets the requirements of relevant airlines. The shipper or its agent shall complete all outbound cargo procedures required by customs, health inspection and quarantine agencies before consignment.Separate Air Waybills shall be prepared for goods that cannot be transported together due to different transport conditions and characteristics,To ensure air transport safety, Xiamen Airlines reserves the right to conduct safety inspections of all accepted cargo.

Packaging and Marks:

The cargo shall be packed in such a way so as to prevent damage, dispersion or leakage of the cargo, or damage or pollution to the aircraft or damage to or contamination of other cargo items during the course of carriage.The shipper shall adopt appropriate external and internal packing materials and packing forms according to the nature and weight of the cargo, transport conditions and the requirements of the carrier.For precision goods, fragile goods, goods sensitive to shock and pressure, or goods that must be transported upright, appropriate packing measures must be taken to prevent any damage to the goods. Using straw bags or straw ropes to pack or secure the goods is strictly prohibited.Cargo packaging shall not contain any prohibited or restricted goods, hazardous substances, valuables, confidential documents and/or data.

The shipper shall clearly indicate the airports of origin and destination, and the companies, names and full addresses of the shipper and the consignee. If an old package is reused, all old tags and labels on the external package must be removed.The carrier is not responsible for checking whether the internal packaging of the consigned cargo meets the requirements.

Declared Value:

For domestic cargo with value exceeding RMB 20.00 per kilogram, the shipper may declare the value of the cargo and pay a value declaration surcharge as required. The declared value of each Air Waybill shall not exceed RMB 500,000. For international cargo with value exceeding USD 20.00 per kilogram, the shipper may declare the value of the cargo for carriage and pay a value declaration surcharge as required.If a shipper requests any change to the consigned cargo, the value declaration surcharge is not refundable.

Arrival and Delivery of Cargo:

The consignee shall present an Arrival Notice and ID card or other valid identity document in order to pick up the cargo. If the consignee assigns another person to pick up the cargo, the assignee must present the Arrival Notice, and the ID card or other valid identity document of the assignee and the consignee specified in the Air Waybill. The consignee shall provide a Letter of Introduction issued by his or her employer or other valid proof document if required by the carrier or its agent.

The cargo may be collected 40 minutes after the flight arrives.

The cargo can remain in the carrier’s custody free of charge for up to three days after the issue date of the Arrival Notice. The consignee or its agent shall pay overdue storage fees if he or she fails to pick up the cargo after three days.

For animals, fresh and perishable goods and other goods with specified delivery dates and flights, the shipper shall be responsible for notifying the consignee when to arrive at the destination airport to pick up the cargo.

Liability and Compensation:

In case of loss, shortage, deterioration, contamination, or damage to the cargo caused by the carrier, it shall make compensation in accordance with relevant provisions.