Instructions for The Collection of International Cargo


The consignee shall present the arrival notice or introduction letter affixed with the employer’s official seal and a valid ID card to pick up the bill of lading and shall follow the procedures for animal and plant quarantine, health quarantine, customs clearance and acceptance inspection.

After customs clearance, the cargo recipient may complete the cargo collection formalities at the international business counter. The recipient shall submit an authorization letter if the cargo is addressed to a company, and must provide the correct name, valid ID card number the complete the bill of lading as well as the shipping list, and pay any required fees, such as storage fees.

The cargo is exempt from custody fees if it is picked up within three days of the date that the arrival notice is sent. If the shipper fails to collect the cargo within the custody exempt period, an overdue custody fee will be charged according to civil aviation regulations.

If the cargo recipient has any concerns about the external packaging and/or weight of the cargo at the time of collection, he or she shall propose a verification or re-measurement of the weight prior to leaving the cargo terminal.

If you have questions about these instructions or need special assistance with your cargo, please contact the inquiry office.