Important Notices for Australia Entry

Dear Passengers, 

In accordance with the epidemic prevention requirements of Canadian government, passengers entering Canada should conduct relevant information tracking designated by the government. As from today, all passengers entering Australia are required to comply with the following rules:

Since December 9, 2020 (flight date), all passengers on international flights to Australia are required to submit their "Australian travel declaration" through the Minister for Home Affairs Website ( 72 hours before departure.

Xiamen Airlines is entitled to reject the boarding in accordance with the epidemic prevention requirements of Australian government if passengers fail to present the proof of declaration before boarding. The relevant ticket shall also be subject to the rules of voluntary refund and change. In case the Australian entry is denied due to Passengers information forgery, alteration or conceal, passengers shall bear the costs of their repatriation.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation!


Xiamen Airlines Co., Ltd.

December 9, 2020