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Instructions on Advance Seat Reservation Online

Advance Seat Reservation is available for all routes of XiamenAir (actual carrier). Paid Seats are only available for international (regional) routes of XiamenAir. Please follow rules below when you use Advance Seat Reservation:

1. Please select your seat 72 hours before departure time.

2. Part of routes of XiamenAir is not available for Advance Seat Reservation due to particular reason. The result you search should be taken as valid and binding

3. Advance Seat Reservation is available for passengers taking flights with “MF” code with tickets begin with “731”, and XiamenAir should be the actual carrier.

4. Having reserved your seat, passengers still need to log into XiamenAir Online Check-in System to check in or arrive at the airport to check in at the XiamenAir check-in counter.

5. XiamenAir will try to reserve the seat passengers have chosen, which may be adjusted due to flight cancellation, flight mergence, aircraft replacement, restrictions of passengers with infants, etc. Passengers’ final seat will depend on the actual situation when you check in.

6. Refund of Paid Seats Selection will not charge extra fee. Refund operation: My Order-Additional Services Order(Paid Seat Reservation). The seat Passengers select will not alter due to ticket alteration, passengers may refund the seat then purchase again if necessary.

7. It is a remarkable fact that the price of Paid Seats Selection fluctuates, please confirm the price based on the latest inquiry.

8. Further information about Paid Seats, please refer to Guide to Xiamen Airlines Paid Seat Selection Service for details of Paid Seats below.

Guide to Xiamen Airlines Paid Seat Selection Service

Item 1: Product Concept

1.1 Paid seat selection products: Xiamen Airlines provides passengers who have bought tickets with paid seat selection service.

1.2 Product selling period: from the moment the product is sold on Xiamen Airlines’ official website to two days before the planned flight departure.

1.3 Product validity: from the moment passengers pay for the seat reservation on the Xiamen Airlines official website to 45 minutes before the check-in closing time of the flight.

Item 2: Product Content, Standards and Limitation

2.1 Content related to the paid seat selection service: Xiamen Airlines shall hold the flight's paid seat selection area in advance and shall arrange for passengers to be seated in comfortable seats they paid to reserve.

2.2 Standards of the paid seat selection service: Xiamen Airlines only provides passengers with reservation services. Other ground and cabin services shall correspond with the class standards for the tickets purchased by passengers.

2.3 Limitation of the paid seat selection service: infants and guardians cannot select seats next to the emergency exits or aisle seats.

Item 3: Paid Seat Selection Product Pricing

3.1 Xiamen Airlines reserves the right to adjust prices and award miles of paid seat selection products irregularly for a sale, without notice. Please refer to the official website for the latest updates.

3.2 If you would like to receive an invoice for a paid seat selection product, please write the information from your invoice in the required section for the selection process.

Item 4: Order Becoming Effective

4.1 Definition of "order becoming effective": when you reserve a seat, follow the system prompts to confirm the order and make payment; the order will immediately become legally effective.

Item 5: Seat Cancellation

5.1 Cash Payments: after an order becomes effective, passengers may log in on the official Xiamen Airlines website to cancel the selected seat prior to the check-in closing time of the flight, without any administrative fees and penalties. For other conditions that cause seat cancellation, all administrative fees and penalties will be waived for passengers.

5.2 Award Miles Payments: after the order becomes effective, the selected seat paid by award miles is non-refundable due to voluntary changes or refunds requested by passengers. If passengers fail to use the reserved seat due to involuntary changes or refunds, please call the Xiamen Airlines’ service hotline at 95557 for refund. Xiamen Airlines will credit the mileage redeemed for the seat to your account.

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