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Xiamen Airlines has designated check-in counters for passengers. For more information about the counters and check-in time, please refer to the airport official website or contact our customer service at 95557. Please arrive at the airport at least 90 minutes before scheduled departure time and provide valid travel documents for check-in to allow sufficient time for security procedures.

Security Check

Before the departure, passengers along with their carry-on and checked luggage must pass the airport security check.

Passenger Insurance

Passengers may obtain personal accident insurance from insurance companies. The coverage will not reduce the liability or compensation provided by Xiamen Airlines.


Xiamen Airlines reserves the right to cancel the seat reservation to avoid flight delays if passengers do not arrive at the check-in counter or boarding gate by the time specified, or fail to provide valid travel documents, tickets or boarding passes, or do not get ready for the trip. Xiamen Airlines is not responsible for any loss or cost incurred.

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