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Collection of Lost Items

Collection of Lost Items

Dear passengers, in case you have misplaced your belongings in the cabin or other working areas of Xiamen Airlines , kindly check the detailed pictures of the items for confirmation on the “服务大厅”- “遗留物品查询” module. You may access through the E Lufei APP, Xiamen Airlines mini program, Xiamen Airlines official account, and other Xiamen Airlines official channels. We vow to provide you with the following services:

Safekeeping Services 


Fresh and perishable items, food and other items will be kept for 24 hours



Toothpaste, toothbrush, towel, slippers and other daily items will be kept for 48 hours.


Inflammable items and items with peculiar smell such as lighters, gases, durian, rechargeable device, etc. will not be kept for they do not meet the storage conditions.

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Valuables such as mobile phone, iPad, camera, brand watch, etc.  will be kept for 90 days.

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Personal Credentials and bank cards will be kept for 90 days.


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Clothes, water containers, glasses, books and other items will be kept for 15 days.

Kindly Reminder: In accordance with the law of customs, after being kept for 30 days, the international (regional) lost items shall be hand over to the local customs.


Delivery Services

1. On-site delivery: Please present a valid ID card and a valid proof of flight to the scene for handling. 

2. Claim by entrusting others or express delivery: To claim other’s lost item, the entrusted person shall bring a Power of Attorney, valid ID cards of the truster and trustee, and the passenger proof of flight. In case of any damage or loss of the article during the transportation, we do not bear the responsibility and you shall negotiate for settlement with the third party responsible for the transportation. (Click here to download the Power of Attorney for Claim of Lost Item)

3. Entrust us to send: After contacting us by telephone, please send Power of Attorney for Express Delivery, and photo of passenger’s valid ID card and valid flight certificate to the designated location. (Click here to download Power of Attorney for Express Delivery of Lost Item). At present, this service is only available in Xiamen (Xiamen Airlines, Hebei Airlines, Jiangxi Airlines, and China Southern Airlines), Fuzhou (Xiamen Airlines), Hangzhou (Xiamen Airlines, Hebei Airlines, Jiangxi Airlines).

Kindly Reminder: Due to collection and transportation restrictions, the following items may not be delivered: fresh and perishable goods, bulk food, peculiar smell products, fragile goods, dangerous goods (such as electronic products with built-in lithium batteries, including mobile phones, iPad, rechargeable device, etc.) and others.

Contact Department


Work Time


Xiamen Baggage Inquiry of Xiamen Airlines




Hangzhou Baggage Inquiry of Xiamen Airlines




Fuzhou Baggage Inquiry of Xiamen Airlines





For leftover items claim at other terminal, please inquire:

(Contact Information of Xiamen Airlines Lost items Inquiry Departments)

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