Transit Accommodation Products

I. Product content

1. Take Xiamen Airlines Group's international or regional connecting flights (applicable for both outbound and inbound flights), where the domestic segments are carried by Xiamen Airlines, Hebei Airlines, and Jiangxi Airlines, and the overseas segments (international or Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan) are carried by Xiamen Airlines; and the two segments are on one ticket.

2. Passengers who meet the above conditions and make transfers in Xiamen, Fuzhou, Quanzhou, or Hangzhou with a connection time between 6 to 24 hours can apply for the free transfer accommodation product, this product does not apply to some special passengers specified by the passenger regulations.

II. Application condition

1. Applicable routes: Only flights carried by Xiamen Airlines, Hebei Airlines, and Jiangxi Airlines, including code-sharing flights between Xiamen Airlines and Hebei Airlines and between Xiamen Airlines and Jiangxi Airlines. Excludes chartered flights and other code-sharing flights.

2. Applicable classes:

(1) International transfers: Not applicable to passengers in booking classes X, O, and E

(2) Transfers from Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan: Not applicable to passengers in booking classes G, Z, X, O, and E

(3) The above class restrictions apply to flights carried by Xiamen Airlines, Hebei Airlines, and Jiangxi Airlines.

3. Product Description


III. Applicable Flight Dates

This offer is valid for flights from now until December 31, 2023.


IV. Reservation Process

1. Applicable passengers arriving in Xiamen, Fuzhou, Quanzhou, or Hangzhou on the first flight segment can visit the Xiamen Airlines transfer service counter to apply for complimentary hotel accommodation.

2. Staff at the transfer service counter will verify passenger information and book hotels for Applicable passengers as per standard and print the "Xiamen Airlines Transfer Passenger Check-in Form," which the passenger can use to check in at the designated hotel. The hotel accommodation standards are as follows:

Passenger type

Hotel level

Room level

Economy class passenger


2/standard room

Egret Miles Silver, Miles Gold, Miles Platinum member passengers

SkyTeam Elite and Elite Plus member passengers


Single room

Two-cabin passengers

Egret Black Diamond member passengers


Single room

Definition of Two-Cabin Passengers: Passengers who have purchased business or first-class tickets on the international or regional segment (excluding upgrades at check-in or in-flight).

3. Economy class passengers will generally be arranged in shared standard rooms. Children under 10 will not occupy beds. If passengers request a single room for a child under 10 to occupy a bed, they may pay the additional cost at the hotel front desk. The additional costs for hotels in different cities are as follows:

Transfer city

Difference (yuan)





Airport: 135; urban and airport Fliport hotels: 150





V. Additional Considerations

1. This product is for the personal use of the passenger only and cannot be transferred. Check-in is only valid on the day of arrival for the first flight segment. Chinese passengers transferring in Xiamen, Fuzhou, Quanzhou, or Hangzhou must present their resident ID cards to check in at the hotel.

2. This product includes one night's stay in the hotel, but does not include additional expenses or transportation to and from the hotel. Passengers are required to check out at the specified time. If  passengers request to extend their stay, they will be responsible for paying any additional fees at the hotel front desk.

3. Passengers using this product are not Applicable for other complimentary transfer services.

4. Locations of Xiamen Airlines Transfer Service Counter:

(1) Xiamen: located opposite Gate 7 on the first floor of Terminal T3 at Gaoqi International Airport. Contact number: 0592-5710109.

(2) Fuzhou: located in the "Fuzhou Airport Business Center" next to Gate 8 on the first arrival floor of Changle International Airport. Contact number: 0591-28013497.

(3)Quanzhou: Xiamen Airlines counter on the right side of Gate 2, domestic departure hall, Quanzhou Jinjiang International Airport. Contact number: 0595-85316088.

(4) Hangzhou: located next to the Xiamen Airlines ticket counter on the right side of Domestic Departure Gate 13 at Terminal T3, Xiaoshan International Airport. Contact number: 0571-86660366.

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