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SkyTeam Customer Benefits
The Benefits of Flying with SkyTeam

Seamless Connections

When you have a connecting flight, SkyTeam members smooth the way with seamless transfers to 1,036 destinations in 170 countries.

Earn Miles Across 19 Airlines

Join one of our member airlines' frequent flyer programs. Then all of your qualifying flights will earn you miles which you can redeem for free flights on any SkyTeam member airline.

Lounge in Exclusivity

Pop into one of our 790 lounges to unwind, grab a bite to eat, or catch up on your reading before your flight.

Business solutions

SkyTeam Global Meetings

Let us take care of the travel arrangements for your global events, so that you can focus on making them a standout success.

SkyTeam Corporate Agreements

Streamline your travel management with our tailor-made, competition-law compliant solution for corporate contracting.

SkyTeam Corporate Agreements in China

Grow your network from China to the rest of the world with our tailor-made corporate agreements for companies in China, flying with three or more SkyTeam members.

SkyTeam Marine & Offshore

Seamless travel solutions for travelers in the Maritime and Offshore industries

For Travel Agents

For specific information and tools designed especially for travel industry professionals, please visit our trade web page.

Business Travel Rewards Programs

SkyTeam member airlines' business travel rewards programs offer excellent opportunities if worldwide travel is a regular part of your business. Receive flight awards, lower your travel costs and reward your employees.

Service hotline
Overseas service hotline
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