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Baggage Instructions
The free baggage allowance for each adult or child ticket holders (including checked and carry-on baggage) is as follows: 40 kilograms for First Class; 30 kilograms for Business Class; 20 kilograms for Economy Class. Infant passengers travelling on domestic flights have no free baggage allowance; while those travelling on international or regional flights are entitled to a free baggage allowance of 10 kilograms.
Free Carry-on Baggage Allowance
Each passenger may carry on up to 5 kilograms of baggage free of charge. First Class passengers may carry on two pieces of baggage. Business Class and Economy Class passengers may carry on one piece of baggage. Each piece of carry-on baggage shall not exceed the maximum dimensions of 20×40×55cm. Baggage that exceeds the limits on weight, number of pieces or dimensions must be checked.
Checked Baggage
Checked baggage refers to items of baggage and personal belongings delivered by passengers to Xiamen Airlines for transportation and custody. Passengers may deposit baggage with our check-in staff when they check in, and collect the checked items when the flight arrives at the destination airport by presenting a baggage claim ticket.
Your checked baggage must be properly packed, safely locked and securely bundled and must be able to endure air pressure change and normal baggage handling operations. All checked baggage must meet the following requirements:
1. Suitcases, bags and handbags should be locked.
2. Two or more bags shall not be bundled together as one piece of baggage.
3. No extra items shall be attached to the baggage.
4. Bamboo crates, mesh bags, ropes, straw bags and plastic bags may not be used to wrap the baggage.
Each piece of checked baggage shall not exceed the maximum weight of 50 kilograms and the maximum dimensions of 40 × 60× 100cm. Any checked baggage that exceeds these limits must be approved by Xiamen Airlines prior to the flight.
Xiamen Airlines strongly recommends that passengers clearly mark their name, postal addresses, and contact numbers on each piece of checked baggage.
Excess Baggage Charges
If the combined weight of your checked baggage and carry-on baggage exceeds the free baggage allowance, you shall pay an excess baggage charge for the weight that exceeds the free allowance. The excess baggage charge per kilogram is calculated at the rate of 1.5% of the full fare for an economy class ticket on the day when the excess baggage ticket is issued. The excess baggage charge is expressed in RMB and is rounded up to the nearest whole Yuan.
Items Prohibited from Carriage as Baggage
The following items are prohibited from carriage as or in baggage (including checked baggage and carry-on baggage):
1. Items which are likely to endanger the aircraft or persons or property on board, as specified in relevant Chinese laws and regulations and in the provisions of Xiamen Airlines;
2. Firearms, ammunition, lighters and other types of offensive weaponry and equipment. Special-purpose Sporting equipment for special-purpose is excluded;
3. Military and police devices and replicas;
4. Controlled knives;
5. Live animals, except for small animals as stipulated in Xiamen Airlines Limited General Conditions of Domestic Carriage for Passengers and Baggage. From 1st August, 2013, only guide dogs, hearing dogs and search and rescue dogs are allowed to be transported. Other small animals are prohibited from carriage.
6. Other items prohibited from carriage by the Chinese government.
Items Restricted for Carriage
The following items may be transported only if they are in conformity with the transport conditions of and authorized by the carrier:
1. Important documents and materials, securities, cash, jewelry, precious metals and items made from precious metals, antique calligraphy and paintings or other valuables, fragile, vulnerable and perishable goods, samples, travel documents and other items which require special care are not permitted to be transported as or packed into checked baggage, but may be carried into the cabin, provided that they are in conformity with Xiamen Airlines’ restrictions on baggage weight and size;
2. Precision instruments, electrical appliances and similar products shall be checked as cargo; if transported as checked baggage, they must conform with Xiamen Airlines’ requirements for baggage packaging, size and weight. The weight of such items shall not be included in the passenger’s free baggage allowance. An excess baggage charge shall be applied based on the item’s actual weight.
3. Sports equipment, including firearms and ammunition for sporting purposes;
4. Diplomatic pouches and confidential documents;
5. Foldable or electric wheelchairs for passengers to use during the trip;
6. Child restraint devices;
7. Sharp and blunt instruments other than controlled knives, including kitchen knives, fruit knives, table knives, craft knives, scalpels, scissors and pencil sharpeners, and steel files, sabers, axes, cudgels and hammers, may only be transported as checked baggage;
8. Dry ice and drinks containing alcohol, smoking paraphernalia, prescription drugs and cosmetics for passengers to use during the trip.
Small Animals
From 1st August, 2013, small animals excluding guide dogs, hearing dogs and search and rescue dogs are prohibited from carriage. The following articles apply to special dogs such as guide dogs, hearing dogs and search and rescue dogs:
1. “Small animals” refers to domesticated dogs, cats and birds or other pets, and excludes wild animals and animals with an unusual appearance, or other characteristics which might present a danger to passengers (such as snakes).
2. Passengers who wish to transport small animals shall inform Xiamen Airlines when making a flight reservation and must provide an animal quarantine certificate when checking in the small animal. Small animals can be transported only with the approval of Xiamen Airlines.
3. Passengers shall bring their small animals to the airport to check them in at the time specified by Xiamen Airlines on the date of the flight.
4. Containers for holding small animals shall meet the following requirements:
        a. Able to prevent the small animal from breaking through the kennel, escaping and/or harming people, baggage, cargo or the aircraft by extending part of its body through an opening;
        b. Able to provide enough space for the small animal to stand and move freely and to ensure good ventilation to eliminate the possibility of suffocation;
        c. Able to completely contain feces and any other material that might contaminate the aircraft or other equipment.
5. Small animals carried by passengers must be transported in the cargo hold.
6. A small animal, together with its container and food, is subject to an excess baggage charge.
7.Small animals accepted for transport cannot be declared for its value.
8. Passengers shall be fully responsible for small animals transported. Xiamen Airlines assumes no liability for sickness, injury or death of the small animal during transport for any reason other than those directly caused by Xiamen Airlines.
9. Guide dogs and hearing dogs shall be transported according to this Article. Passengers with sight and hearing disabilities may transport their guide and hearing dogs in the cabin if in compliance with Xiamen Airlines General Conditions of Domestic Carriage for Passengers and Baggage. Guide dogs and hearing dogs together with their containers and food may be transported free of charge and their weight shall not be calculated as part of the passenger’s free baggage allowance.
Compensation for Baggage Loss or Damage
If checked baggage is lost, damaged or destroyed, Xiamen Airlines shall pay the repair cost, or compensate passengers according to the depreciated value of the baggage. Compensation for the loss of checked baggage shall not exceed CNY 100 per kilogram for domestic carriage, and shall not exceed USD 20 per kilogram for international carriage (including Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao flights.). The calculated weight for compensation shall not exceed the free baggage allowance.
Declared Baggage Value
Passengers may declare the value of their baggage if the value exceeds CNY100.00 per kilogram for domestic flights, or USD 70.00 per kilogram for international flights or Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao flights. Xiamen Airlines will charge a value declaration surcharge. The declared value of the baggage must not exceed its actual value. The maximum declared baggage value is CNY 8,000 per passenger for domestic flights and USD 2,500 or the equivalent value in other currencies for international or regional flights. If Xiamen Airlines disagrees with a declared value and passengers refuse to go through baggage check, Xiamen Airlines reserves the right to decline baggage transport. If such baggage is damaged or lost, Xiamen Airlines will make compensation based on the declared value.