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Xiamen Airlines accelerates the development of the airline network in Southeast Asia


Xiamen Airlines is developing its airline network in Southeast Asia at an unprecedented speed. It started the code sharing cooperation with Garuda Airline since August and will open two new airlines from Zhengzhou to Fuzhou to Jakarta and from Zhengzhou to Xiamen to Jakarta. The several measures of improving the airline network in Southeast Asia also strengthened the ability of Xiamen Airlines to develop internationally.


From August 1, Xiamen Airlines began to share the code with Garuda Airline which is joining in the Skyteam Alliance. Xiamen Airlines will use separate code on the round trip airline from Singapore to Jakarta run by Garuda Airline and share the code through free sales. Three flights between Singapore and Jakarta run by Garuda Airline will use Xiamen Airlines flight number MF803/4, MF805/6 and MF807/8.


Code sharing cooperation helps Xiamen Airlines increase the flights, optimize the flight time, enlarge the market share and improve the brand influence in Southeast Asian market. It will also provide more options for the travelers.


Xiamen Airlines will open the airline to Jakarta for the first time in September. The Zhengzhou-Fuzhou-Jakarta airline will be put into transportation officially on September 12 with the flight MF869/70 and there are four flights every week. The Zhengzhou-Xiamen-Jakarta airline will be opened on September 14 with the flight MF867/8 and there are three flights every week. The two airlines will be used in turn between Zhengzhou, Fujian and Jakarta.


Besides the Jakarta airline, Xiamen Airlines also plans to open Bangkok airline in the winter and run the Xiamen-Manila airline to further improve its airline network in the Southeast Asian area.