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Frequent Flyer Program
Introduction to the Frequent Flyer Program
Xiamen Airlines’ Egret Card Frequent Flyer Program is an exclusive points award program offered by Xiamen Airlines for the benefit of its passengers. All passengers 12 years old or older may participate in this program for free. Xiamen Airlines cooperates with various well-known brands to offer diverse points award opportunities and useful redemption gifts to Egret Card members. Egret Card members can easily earn points by taking Xiamen Airlines flights or by using Xiamen Airlines’ co-branded credit cards to qualify for special offers and rewards, including free tickets, cabin upgrades, shopping mall gifts and participation in high-end member activities.
Introduction to the Egret Junior Card
The Egret Junior Card is a frequent flyer program designed by Xiamen Airlines for young passengers between 12 and 23 years old. In the same way that regular Egret Junior Card members earn award points for ticket purchases, Egret Junior Card members can purchase student tickets to earn points. Award points earned by Egret Junior Card members are valid until the member reaches age 27 in order to maximize your usage of points.
How to apply
Those qualified passengers can join the Egret Junior Card plan on Xiamen Airlines’ website, at a ticketing office or on any Xiamen Airlines flight.

  • Egret Junior Card member can also earn award points when purchasing student discount tickets. The points accumulated by the Junior Card member can be redeemed for award tickets, upgrades and gifts from the Xiamen Airlines online Shop.
  • The validity of the points accumulated by the Egret Junior Card member will extend through December 31 in the year the member becomes 27 years old. The Egret Junior Card will be automatically upgraded to an Egret Card on January 1 in the year after the member becomes 23 years old.
  • Eligible Egret Card members who wish to switch to Growing Card membership can submit an application to Xiamen Airlines. After the application has been reviewed and approved, points accrual rules for Junior Card members will apply to subsequent flights. No additional card is issued to current Egret Card members who become Growing Card holders.
  • The rules for upgrading from Growing Card membership to Gold Card or Silver Card membership are the same as those for Egret Card members.
  • Other relevant rules apply to the Egret Card without special explanation.
  • Refer to the Egret Card Member Manual for more detailed information.
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